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Make Everlasting Summer Memories With MANGO's Trendy-Chic Pastel Collection

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June 20, 2022

Summer is finally in full swing: the ever-bright days are giving us a sunkissed glow, and the fun times have officially begun. Whether summer for you means a vacation to the beach, a trip to the bustling city, or a quiet time of relaxation, MANGO's Teen line has the perfect line-up of laid-back yet trendy outfits for this season.

MANGO's Teen line is a part of the main MANGO line, but curated to fit the current style of today's younger generation while still carrying the distinctly timelessly unique style of the brand. "The designs have been created adopting the current trends, while leaving room for personal expression among young people, as they begin to define their own style," says the brand.

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From lighthearted shades of pastel to fun-textured prints, the Teen line's summer collection encompasses everything that feels free and exciting. Each piece has a stunning design, and below are the perfect outfits to style for your next summer adventure.

The Floral Print Top

Nothing captures that lazy summer feeling more than sweet picnics, and this gorgeous print top is perfect for warmer weather and a nice day out in the grassy park.

A halter neck top that has a vintage throwback style, the Floral Print Top in Pastel Green is the perfect summer top for both casual days and dress-up moments.

Shop the Floral Print Top in Pastel Green here.

This floral print top features an all-over print of pale green flowers with touches of chartreuse and blue. The flower designs are abstract, so it really has a fascinating, artsy look to them.

I just love how this halter top has a stunning tie feature both at the neck and at the back. The back has a stretchy segment but also another tie for added security. I love how the tie simply drapes over, creating a dramatic effect. If you want to add on the feminine look, go for tying a huge bow!

I also adore the texture of this top; it has an all-over ruched design, and the fabric feels so light and cool to the touch, making it perfect for hot days.

The top has a cropped design, making it perfect to pair with any of your favorite high-waisted bottoms. Go for a pair of white jeans with platform sandals for a look cute enough for brunch!

The High Waist Denim Shorts

If you're looking for a casual day out, that usually calls for a simple shirt-and-shorts combination. To add some extra chic-ness to your look, opt for a pretty pastel pair to truly embody that summer feeling!

Shop the High-Waist Denim Shorts in Lilac here.

The High-Waist Denim Shorts are your perfect comfortable pair of shorts to wear that aren't too casual. With its pretty color and classic design, it's perfect to dress up with a nice top or go easy all the way with a tank top. I love that these shorts give you the freedom to do it your way.

The shorts are cut short, giving you the perfect time to tan and run wild. It has a straight design, so it's a simple yet flattering silhouette. It's also high-waisted, and includes five pockets!

I love the little side slits, and the features add for an overall classic look that will never go out of style.

This denim-style cotton fabric is also made with our planet in mind. As MANGO elaborates, "The garments labelled as Committed are products that have been produced using sustainable fibers or processes, reducing their environmental impact. Mango's goal is to support the implementation of practices more committed to the environment, and therefore increase the number of sustainable garments in the collection." The commitment to keeping our earth clean is applaudable, and I love that these shorts aren't just stylish, but helping make a difference!

What's more, these denim shorts come in a variety of colors. Aside from Lilac, there are also color options Pastel Pink, Pastel Green, and Light Blue. These shorts are so versatile that you could practically style them together with any cropped top for a comfortable on-the-go look!

The Contrast Trim T-Shirt

If you're looking for a timeless t-shirt that reminds you of the classic 90s, look no further than the Contrast Trim T-Shirt. This easygoing shirt goes well with any outfit and is so easy to wear for anything and with anything.

Shop the Contrast Trim T-Shirt in Sky Blue here.

This cropped shirt features a rounded neck and a short sleeve. The round neck and the sleeves are trimmed with white, which creates a neutral yet eye-catching contrast with the navy.

The navy color of this shirt is so calmingly blue and is colorful without being too flashy. I love that it's a great, muted color that goes along with both light-colored bottoms and dark-colored bottoms.

This cotton shirt is the most comfortable shirt ever. It's so snug and well-fitting, and looks flattering too! Plus, this shirt is labeled as Committed, meaning that's been "produced using sustainable fibers or processes, reducing their environmental impact."

I just love that there are so many ways you can wear this shirt. You can wear it with your favorite white jeans white loafers, denim shorts with classic sneakers, or simply over a bikini at the beach.

This is seriously the basic staple that needs to be in your summer closet!

The Floral Print Shorts

Sometimes, all you need is something flowy and free for you to truly live out your adventures.

The Floral Print Shorts are exactly that; this cute pink shorts are so comfortable without sacrificing style, and are perfect to wear for an active day.

Shop the Floral Print Shorts in Pastel Pink here.

I just love the print of these shorts: it's an all-over design of abstract pink and red flowers with white designs, giving it a light yet muted tone of color. It looks vivid enough to be summer but also at the same time, great for autumn, making it a nice unlimited seasonal piece.

These shorts are very flowy, and are loose around the legs while snug around the waist. They are also quite short, making it a must for especially hot days. These shorts are also sustainable, which is a definite plus!

I also enjoy that it doesn't have a defined silhouette, and from a distance, it almost looks as it's a skirt.

I love styling these shorts with something bright to really bring out the light and easygoing nature of the shorts. Go for a white tank top, and if the weather gets colder, layer with a red cardigan!

The Floral Embroidered Top

She's ditsy, she's cute, and she's dainty: meet the Floral Embroidered Top, your soon-to-be go-to for brunch dates. This gorgeous cropped top is everything sweet, and is full of details.

Shop the Floral Embroidered Top in Pale Pink here.

This stunning crop top features a central gathered section detail that bunches up down the middle, creating a cool folded texture effect. At the bottom of the gathered section is a tie that is adjustable.

The straps of this top are just right without being too thin nor too thick; it's also ruffled, with layers of pleated lace all over.

The back of the top features an elastic back which has a cool texture all over, making it yet another intriguing design. I just love all the cute features of this top, and the attention to detail is amazing!

All over the top, the fabric features lace cut-outs that are in the shape of a dainty flower. I'm totally obsessed with this look, and it really adds to the feminine, pretty aesthetic!

I just adore the gorgeous pale pink color; it's more of a pastel mauve color and goes along beautifully with white jeans or ruffled pink skirts. Pair these with your favorite sandals, and you're all set!

The Faded Fabric Tank Top

Every closet needs a good classic tank top, and the Faded Fabric Tank Top is such a summer dream with its classic cut and lovely blue shade.

Shop the Faded Fabric Tank Top in Sky Blue here.

This tank top features a cropped design that's not too short nor too long and is just right to pair with a pair of good old denim shorts or jeans.

The washed cotton fabric has a waffle structure and texture all over the top. I love how cool it looks, and the texture has a crisscrossed look to it that is an incredibly neutral yet unique design.

The top has a rounded neck that sits comfortably high above the neck, and is completely sleeveless, making it perfect to wear out for the summer.

This top is labeled as Committed, which means that it's sustainable as well! This is the true definition of a must-have, and I am sincerely obsessed with this basic but not-so-basic top.

The Long Denim Dungarees

Overalls are such a classic look, and it's definitely never going to go out of style.

White dungarees especially can be such a timeless look, but also mixed in with a trendy look! Whether you pair it with a playful crop top or a patterned tube top, it can be a totally chic look.

Shop the Long Denim Dungarees in White here.

I adore these denim dungarees because of how flattering they are. It's simultaneously laid back yet put together at the same time.

The white color of the dungarees is such a classic, pure color. I love how it's a simple solid color, and it just feels so clean as if it's a nice weekend morning by the lake.

These dungarees have detailed features all over, including knot adjustable straps, two side pockets, and two pockets with flaps on the back. The two main straps of the dungarees cross over from the back, and are adjustable to clip onto the front.

These dungarees are a part of MANGO's Committed Collection, making it sustainable. I love how stylish these are, and that they're a good pick for our planet as well!

These dungarees can be dressed up or down. It looks stunning with a pair of heels, and looks great with classic white sneakers as well. Either way, it is sure to look beautiful on you!

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