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I Have Found the World's Fluffiest Blanket: Sleeping on a Cloud with Sunday Citizen


Picture this: it's been a long night, you're in your PJ's, curled up on the sofa, eating your favorite ice cream, and wrapped in quite literally the fluffiest blanket ever... if that's not the definition of "chill time," what is?

When I say that I've never had such good sleep since I've had Sunday Citizen's ultra-cozy blankets, I really mean it. Restless nights are long gone, and nothing is better than staying comfy and chic with the brand's signature fluffy fabric.

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With their timeless yet trend-appealing pastel, minimalist designs, Sunday Citizen is easy to fall in love with. Its eco-friendly and sustainable production keeps our planet in its heart. Add the fact that their affordable luxury products never skimp out on quality, and it's truly all-around perfection.

They say home is where the heart is. Our goal is to help keep our hearts radiating joy so that our homes genuinely become our happy place.

-Sunday Citizen

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The XOXO Throw

It's the season of love, and what better than to cuddle up with your loved one in a blanket that says it all?

"We're not saying this is better than roses. Just that it’s radically soft, gorgeous, and machine washable; and nothing says I love you like a cozy snuggle," says Sunday Citizen- and we couldn't agree more.

Shop the XOXO Throw in Rose-Off White here.

This snuggly blanket isn't just your regular throw- it's double-layered. The XOXO Throw is "made with two layers of our signature Snug fabric blend" and double knit. That's right: just one wasn't enough, so Sunday Citizen made this blanket twice as soft for the best Valentine's snuggles ever.

This limited edition blanket is oh-so-fluffy that it literally feels like you have the most luxe hotel bathrobe on you at all times. If I could, I would go around everywhere wrapped in this throw. In a cutesy way, the blanket features the catchy, beloved "XOXO" phrase all over the blanket. It's as if it's sending you so many kisses!

I love how it's playful and not too serious. The adorable blush color adds to the charm, and it feels chic and feminine, all in the best way. It's so cute that Valentine's season doesn't limit it; it looks adorable draped over your couch all year round.

Plus, get this: the XOXO Throw is hypoallergenic (gentle on everyone and anyone!), thermoregulating (maintaining that body temperature- staying warm at all times!), and oversized (big enough to share, even!). The blanket really knows how to keep you cozy!

The Versailles Throw

If the Versailles Throw could be described using one phrase, it would be "pretty in pink." This gorgeous throw features an unforgettably elegant swirl design paired in the prettiest pink color.

Shop the Versailles Throw in Rouge-Off White here.

The blanket has a pattern that's so distinctly Versailles; from its curvy swirls of rouge pink and off-white, the pattern almost creates a dance-like effect. The "flowery pattern adds a feminine touch," says Sunday Citizen, and we just love how dainty and pretty it all is.

The blanket itself is a statement on design; who said blankets had to be boring? The design is so unique and one of a kind, and has a lovely energy to it that brightens any room it is draped upon.

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What's so extraordinary about this design is that it's so contemporary without being too out there; it's modern with a splash of charm that'll resonate for years to come. The punch of pink color adds to the chic feel of the blanket, and makes you feel warm and truly at home.

Just like the XOXO Throw, the Versailles Throw is double-snug. Made with two layers of Sunday Citizen's signature snug fabric blend, this blanket is ultra-soft- so soft that it "lasts even after machine washing and drying."

And of course, as always, Sunday Citizen is here to take care of you; the Versailles blanket is hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, and oversized- perfect for those days where all you want to do is cozy up and catch up with your favorite Netflix show.

The Braided Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow

Not only does Sunday Citizen have fluffy blankets, but they also have fluffy pillows, too!

Sunday Citizen's Braided Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow is here to bring the solid-colored pillows and intriguing texture to the max: with fun pom-poms and dainty braids, this pillow is all about the details.

Shop the Braided Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow in Off White here.

This lumbar pillow comes in a size so long that it's perfect to be thrown in the middle of any bed size. Perfect as a decor piece and great to accentuate your pillows and bed, the Braided Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow is an interior design enthusiast's dream.

Coming in a variety of five different shades, this pillow is an expert in the combination of solid colors and texture. With a waffle-knit style on one half of the cover and a daintily braided style on the other, the pillow is finished off with eight total pom-pom tassels.

It gives bohemian and neutral classical vibes simultaneously- we call that the best of both worlds!

The pillow has a removable cover that's easy to take care of; all you have to do is "simply remove and toss in the washer and dryer." The cover is made of microfiber, and feels so cozy and buttery soft."

Our signature snug fabric blend is crafted to be super fluffy yet breathable, and it stays radically soft for years," says Sunday Citizen.

The Braided Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow is made of memory foam (it'll be flat at first, but will soon rise to its beloved fluffy state) and is perfect for providing back support. Plus, this pillow is perfect for all seasons, hot or cold. When it comes to quality and comfort, Sunday Citizen is on top of its game!

The Crystal Powered Sleep Mask

I'm pickin' up good vibrations- how about you?

This sleep mask takes good energy to the next level- filled with glass beads and natural stones like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz, your afternoon nap is about to be completely restful and energizing.

Shop the Crystal Powered Sleep Mask in White here.

This one-size-fits-all antimicrobial eye mask is so silky and smooth to the touch and provides total darkness for that deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Sized large enough to fully cover your eyes to the max and even your ears, the Crystal Powered Sleep Mask is your go-to for falling asleep when and where you need to. Turns out, airport sleep isn't impossible anymore, thanks to Sunday Citizen- add noise reduction to eye masks, and you get the best airport sleep!

Made with "a gentle elastic band that wraps around the forehead," this eye mask is easygoing but tight enough to stay put, even if you're more of a toss-and-turner in your sleep.

The sleep mask is lightweight and filled with natural gemstones. Part of Sunday Citizen's wellbeing Om collection, this mask is all about bringing in the good and living your life to the fullest. "From your yoga practice to your siesta, our Om collection is made with crystals to help you spread good energy whenever you need it," says Sunday Citizen.

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