How You Can Help People Facing Disasters
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How You Can Help People Facing Disasters


October 29, 2017

Over the past months, so many states have faced disasters and it's gone global even reaching to small islands. Are you a highschooler, college student, lover of the Earth, or just want to help people? Here are some ways you can, even if you might not have the money to donate.

1. Donate 

If you are someone who does have the resources to donate, definitely do so! You will be helping out someone in need. Before going to donate online or in person, be sure to do your reasearch.

You want to be giving your money to something that you think is worthy of it, as well as will be helping people facing devastating life changes. Here are some charities helping with disaster relief everywhere and through hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, earquakes and more.

A. Convoy of Hope

B. Best Friends Animal Society

C. Lutheran Disaster Response

2. Donate Your Time

For some people, they really have the extra time to get involved or they feel it's a better way to help directly. This option is available, so for anyone who maybe doesn't want to donate money, consider donating your time. Here are some awesome places who directly help with disaster relief:

A.The Red Cross

B. DoSomething

C. Habitat for Humanity 

3. Rewards Program Give Back

Some rewards programs will give back to the community. This is an option where the person with rewards can donate their rewards back to something in the community they care about.

A. SouthWest Rapid Rewards

B. Hilton Honors Points

C. Kroger Community Rewards

4. Talk to Your Peers

A lot of places have been affected by disasters. Get conversations started in schools, churches, community events, to talk about these disasters. Help people understand these global impacts and if your area has been affected maybe get into researching preventions, and how to stay safe in these times. Tweet about it, post about it, get as many people involved in this conversation.


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