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How to Overcome Being Under Intense Pressure and Apply Motivation Effectively

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Mon, April 15

Why do things not work out even though I am motivated?

This is one question I often ask myself when I fail at some task. Why do I like giving up even though I’m motivated?

The truth is, you aren’t alone in this- I know it’s hard to feel motivated. Here is how I overcome being “over-pressurized” due to “over-motivation.”

The True Effectiveness of Motivation

Have you ever wondered about the true effectiveness of motivation? It's a topic that often sparks curiosity and debate. We've all experienced moments where we question whether motivation truly works as expected.

Is it just a myth, a fleeting feeling that fades as quickly as it appears? Or is there a deeper reality behind the perception of motivation?

In this exploration of motivation, we'll unravel the myths surrounding it, delve into the common perceptions, and uncover the reality behind how motivation operates in our lives.

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How is Motivation Good?

Goal Achievement: To achieve a goal, we must first understand that willpower is very much necessary. This willpower comes from motivation. Willpower helps us stay motivated and focused on doing what it takes to realize our dreams.

Overcoming Obstacles: We all face difficulties at some point. Motivation helps us to learn from our mistakes and overcome them.

Enhanced Productivity: Motivation encourages us to approach our tasks with more efficiency, which increases productivity. It supports time management, organization, and task prioritization.

Positive Mentality: Motivation creates a can-do attitude, optimism, and confidence that cultivates a positive mentality. It supports our self-belief and helps us maintain our attention on opportunities rather than constraints.

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How is Motivation Bad?

Common Experience: Feeling tired and over-pressurized due to motivation is a common experience. This is especially prevalent in today's fast-paced world where there is a constant expectation to excel and achieve goals.

Potential for Burnout: Sometimes motivation can lead to burnout and exhaustion. It's like running on a treadmill at full speed, trying to keep up with endless expectations and demands.

Sacrificing Well-being: The pressure to stay motivated can result in sacrificing sleep, relaxation, and self-care. This can lead to a feeling of being drained, both physically and mentally.

Urgency and Stress: The pressure to stay motivated can create a sense of urgency and stress. This can cause us to push ourselves beyond our limits.

Fear of Failure: The fear of failure or falling expectations can add an extra layer of pressure. We, humans may feel the need to constantly prove ourselves and meet high standards, leading to stress.

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I know it must be tough to stay parallel with certain things. But we just cannot give up nor we can pressurize ourselves to that extent which can harm our mental health.

Now the main question that arises is what to do next. Here are some ways that can help us in such situations.

Reflect on Your Motivation: Take time to reflect on your motivation and its impact on your well-being. Identify whether your motivation is positive, driving you towards growth and success, or if it's causing stress and exhaustion.

Set Realistic Goals: Set realistic and achievable goals. Avoid setting overly ambitious goals that may lead to burnout and stress.

Practice Self-Care: Prioritize self-care practices such as getting enough sleep, exercise, and relaxation. Always act according to what your body tells you to do.

Seek Support: Reach out to friends, family, or a mentor for support and guidance. Discuss your feelings and challenges related to motivation with someone you trust the most.

Manage Stress: Use stress management techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. Try getting engaged more with your hobbies and nature, it helps, trust me!

Create Boundaries: Establish boundaries around your time and energy, and learn to say no when necessary. Avoid overcommitting yourself and prioritize activities that are parallel with your goals and values.

Celebrate Achievements: Celebrate your successes and achievements. Recognizing is very important hence instead of comparing yourself with others celebrate you being you!

Seek Professional Help if Needed: If you're struggling to manage motivation more positively, consider seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor. I know therapy is expensive but the positive impact it makes towards your life is a must.

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Is Motivation A Myth?

Now, the main question here is, how is motivation a myth? What kind of myth is it? Is it even a myth or am I just making up a story?

First of all, motivation being labeled as a myth doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist. Instead, it refers to certain misconceptions or unrealistic expectations associated with motivation.

Here are some ways in which motivation can be considered a myth.

Constant High Levels: One myth is that we tend to think that motivation should always be at a constant high level. Which means, taking action regularly. But in reality, mood swings do exist.

Always Positive and Energizing: There's a misconception that motivation is always positive and energizing. While it is a source of inspiration.

External Source: Another myth is that motivation must come from external sources such as motivational speakers, quotes, or rewards. While, true motivation comes from within, always.

Immediate and Sustained Action: There's a perception that once we feel motivated, we should be able to take immediate and sustained action toward our goals. However, after every vibration of motivation, a person must make his/her plan.

One Size Fits All: The idea that motivation strategies are ‘one size fits all’ is also a myth. What motivates one person may not necessarily motivate another, as individuals have different personalities and preferences.

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Although motivation is a strong tool for accomplishing objectives, it also has drawbacks, such as the pressure causing burnout and unrealistic expectations.

Misunderstandings about motivation often make it seem like it should always be high, work for everyone the same way, and come from external sources. But in reality, motivation is like a rollercoaster—it goes up and down, needs us to understand ourselves, and requires us to take care of ourselves while setting realistic goals.

When we grasp these nuances, we can handle motivation better, making the most of its benefits while avoiding its pitfalls. Finding this balance is like finding the perfect recipe for success without losing sight of our well-being along the way. Remember, these tips are for you so that you can be less strict towards yourself.

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