How the Bee Problem is Turning Into a Crisis & How You Can Help
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How the Bee Problem is Turning Into a Crisis & How You Can Help


March 23, 2017

The almond intake all over the world is rapidly increasing. Personally, this is my go-to snack: healthy and delicious. Almond milk is a popular alternative to regular milk. This almond intake, among other things, is affecting bees all over the world.

Bees obviously have the potential to sting you and that causes fear since being stung is very painful. But these creatures are very necessary for pollinating almonds, and if there are not enough hives, it can be damaging. So many pesticides and circumstances terminally affect bees.

Without bees, ecosystems cannot function correctly. Farming practices also reduce the amount of land for bees where they can do their beautiful bee things.

The government took action in 2014 to not allow the reduction of hives to below 15%. Groceries that families buy somehow are affected by bees because they are so important to the world and that is concerning. Honey bees actually save the world billions of dollars by doing their natural jobs helping farmers.

A honey bee colony has a queen, many male workers, and thousands of female workers. If the queen dies, the hive goes with it. The queen can live up to 5 years, but if it lives to produce so many eggs it may live up to 3 years.

Swarms of bees normally do not attack, but if they feel that their queen is being threatened they will. Swarms don't attack as much since they don't have their own nests so the bees just cluster together and fly.

What can be done to help save the bees:

1. Have fun making "Bumble Bands"

Take strips of paper glue some bee friendly- seeds on them and leave them in your garden. Spend one day gluing and allow them to dry. Next day get your friend's together and place them in school gardens or in your backyard.

2. Sign online petitions to ban dangerous pesticides

Go online and research some of the pesticides used on bee-friendly plants then sign the petitions that you agree with or just spread the word.

3. Selfless Selfies

Participate in Burt's Bees Selfless Selfies from March 27th to May 7 2017. Every selfie and/ or purchase of #BringBackTheBees lip balm, The Burt's Bees Foundation will plant 5,000 wildflower seeds. Go to and create a selfie. Head to Target to buy your lip balm and participate in helping save the bees.

Any project you choose to do will help. Advocating is a huge part of teaching people and making the bee crisis aware to everyone.

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