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How Different Cultures Celebrate Love and Romance in February


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Imagine life as a vibrant tapestry, woven with threads of every color imaginable. Some days are tinged with the quiet blue of introspection, others pulse with the fiery energy of passion, and yet others burst with the joyful sunshine of laughter. Through it all, we crave connection, the human bonds that anchor us and provide strength on life's journey.

As February unfolds, a month often associated with love, let's embark on a global exploration of the diverse ways cultures express affection and celebrate connection.

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Valentine's Day Origin

Expressing Love on Valentine's Day

On this day, people express their love by exchanging Valentine's cards, roses, chocolates, and other special meaningful gifts. However, the true origin of Valentine's Day does not solely revolve around roses, chocolates, and love-filled cards. Instead, this day for loving couples is inspired by an unexpected story.

The Origins of Valentine's Day

There are various accounts regarding the origins of Valentine's Day, associated with a figure named Saint Valentine. In reality, there were up to three individuals named Valentine or Valentinus who were canonized, leading to ongoing debates about which of these three figures inspired the day that millions of people around the world eagerly anticipate.

Though there are differing views on the history of Valentine's Day, a common thread among the stories of these saints is that they all died for true love, noble love, and righteousness.

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The Legend of Saint Valentine

One of the most widely accepted legends about the origin of Valentine's Day is related to a Roman priest living under Emperor Claudius II in the 3rd century AD. During this period, the Roman Empire experienced a tumultuous and chaotic phase, known as the "Crisis of the Third Century," with the empire divided into warring factions.

Amid this dark period, Emperor Claudius issued a harsh decree prohibiting all young men in the empire from marrying, believing that unmarried soldiers would make better warriors. However, a courageous priest named Valentine defied this decree and secretly performed marriage ceremonies for couples in love. When his actions were discovered, Valentine was imprisoned and ultimately sentenced to death by Emperor Claudius on February 14th, 273 AD.

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According to author Greg Tobin, many believe that the tradition of exchanging Valentine's Day cards originated from pieces of paper expressing love and admiration that children slipped through the bars of Valentine's prison cell, as well as letters bearing the inscription "Your Valentine" before his execution.

This historical context indeed considerably adds depth and significance to the modern-day celebrations of love and affection on Valentine's Day.

Unique February Celebrations

Valentine in South Korea:

Aside from Valentine's Day (February 14th), people in South Korea also celebrate other unique Valentine's Days such as the 14th of every month. In South Korea, there is not only Valentine's Day (February 14th) but also a series of similar days on the 14th of each month throughout the year.

On Valentine's Day, February 14th every year, in many countries around the world, couples often exchange small gifts, flowers, and chocolates. However, in South Korea, this day is specifically designated for women to give chocolate to the men they want to convey the message "You are my love."

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On "White Day" (March 14th), men who received gifts on Valentine's Day will reciprocate by giving women white candies or chocolates.

Furthermore, South Korea also has "Black Day" (April 14th), a day for singles who did not receive gifts on February 14th or March 14th.

It is called so because on this day, singles often treat themselves to Jjajangmyeon, a popular Chinese-Korean noodle dish with black bean sauce, commonly found in Chinese restaurants in South Korea.

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Other related days fall on the 14th of each month, for example, "Yellow Day" (May 14th) for couples to wear yellow outfits and exchange roses, while singles eat curry.

"Green Day" (August 14th) is for couples to go on a picnic together, while singles drink green bottled soju.

Valentine in Wales

In the land of Wales, Valentine's Day is known as "the day of Saint Dwynwen." Those in love exchange intricately crafted and beautiful, hand-carved wooden spoons with each other. It is known that this unique custom has been ongoing for over 400 years, starting from the 16th century.

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Valentine in France

The first Valentine's Day card is believed to have originated in France, when the Duke of Orleans, Charles, sent love letters to his wife from prison in 1415. For the French, sending cards on Valentine's Day is a way to express their love.

In addition, they use these cards to decorate their homes on Valentine's Day. When you visit the village named Valentine in France, you can see fences, trees, and beautiful houses adorned with love cards and roses. This is one of the most beautiful Valentine's Day traditions in the world.

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Valentine in the Philippines

Every year on Valentine's Day, the Philippine government sponsors mass wedding ceremonies for numerous couples as a form of public service. Among the most amazing Valentine's Day celebrations around the world, February 14th in this country is marked by love-filled parties.

Valentine in Bulgaria

Bulgaria celebrates the San Trifon Zartan festival (Day of Winemakers) on February 14th each year to celebrate and honor their love. Couples of all ages have a memorable Valentine's Day with great local wine.

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The Power of Love in All its Forms:

All in all, there is a common thread of celebrating love and togetherness that transcends cultures. Other February celebrations not only center around romantic love but also underscore love and unity, as seen in events like Lunar New Year or Mardi Gras.

There is a beautiful universality in the celebration of love and connection in its various forms across cultures. February, and the spring season, serve as a perfect reminder to cherish and celebrate the bonds we share with our loved ones, and the diverse festivities during this time truly highlight the enduring spirit of love and unity.

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