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Guide to Choosing Your Next Book Based on Your Personality

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July 05, 2023

Literature is seen by some pairs of eyes as weight bearers that cause constant fatigue through the stress of exams but for others it is known as an escape from the grasp of reality. We all have different mindsets and perhaps some people just have not found the book that compliments their animal personality type. Are you more like a lion, wolf, eagle or ox?

Our personality type represents our preferences when it comes to social interactions, decision making and hobbies so it should be a great guide for finding the book you might love to read next for the young adult. This article provides recommendations for some of the most common animal personality types.


If you embrace the phenomenon of easily acquainting yourself with individuals wherever they go then you may be a lion in society. You are competitive and highly motivated, a challenge never seems to strike you down.

Lions bring order to their world by being ambitious, quick-witted and logical thinkers. They are fierce and can be seen as cold. Two books that may interest these personality types are:

  1. The Picture of Dorian Gray

Source: Goodreads

Beneath the depicts of his youth, the inside of his heart is filled with evil as he sinks into the world of crime and gross sensuality. He soon becomes engrossed with his looks so his friend recently painted a portrait of him to capture the essence of his beauty. Dorian then utters a wish for the portrait to age instead of him. He ventures more into the life of vice as his soul is trapped inside of the portrait for it will soon wither away.

  1. The Art of War

Source: Goodreads

The Art of War provides a military strategy of how to outsmart an opponent without engaging in any form of physical battle. In the book, it speaks about how warfare should be a last resort. Fighting strategically should minimize damage and the waste of resources.


On the other hand, wolves are value-driven and yet creative and mysterious. They eagerly await uninvited guests to leave their home, so they can exit the sanctuary of their room to forage for food.

Wolves are sensitive to the feelings of others and must trust someone completely before allowing him or her into their world. Book recommendations for this personality type are:

  1. Where the Crawdads Sing

Source: Goodreads

The novel is Southern literary fiction that tells the story of Kya, a little girl who comes of age alone after her family abandons her. Kya, known as “the Marsh girl" by the folks of Barkley Cove is accused of the murder of Chase Andrews.

“Kya teaches us that we can do more than we think we can. We can find unbelievable strength deep inside to survive, even thrive, when we are alone.” says Delia Owens.

  1. Pride and Prejudice

Source: Goodreads

Mrs. Bennet is particularly fond of the idea of marriage for her children so once she found a handsome man, she was quick in the quest of getting her girls acquainted with him through the ball they would all attend.

Elizabeth finds another man, named Mr.Darcy but develops a quick hatred towards him. The rest of the book follows the relationship between Elizbeth and Mr.Darcy in overcoming their pride.


Eagles soar at the peaks of mountains and generally see things from a long range perspective. These types of people cut straight to the chase and are generally frank and direct. The personality trait of an eagle is judging and thinking upon the details of life and enjoy challenging discussions. Their ever-skeptical personality trait leads them to their own discoveries and they aren’t afraid of doing anything. Book recommendations for this personality type are:

  1. The Secret History

Source: 746 Books

Richard Papen attends Hampden College and studies classics. He soon is intrigued by his enigmatic classmates who gradually become friends.

Richard reflects on the tale of their friendship years later and the circumstances that lead to the murder of his friend Edmund Corcoran. The novel explores the effects on Edmund’s death by the students who are obsessed with external appearances.

  1. The Count of Monte Cristo

Source: Goodreads

This historical novel is a literary classic that takes place in France during the events of 1815-1839. It is an adventure story with the main storyline of an unjustly imprisoned man, Edmund Dantes, who escapes to find revenge as he is dismayed by the justice system. Dantes ultimately learns that the limits of the justice system mirrors the limits in human beings ourselves. Dantes claims “there is neither happiness nor misery in the world, there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more.”


These types of people lure a crowd of invested individuals into their little cult at any social event and then move from one group to the next and still manage to be the center of attention. Oxen are analytical, outgoing and enthusiastic. They are very observant people and they love to uncover life’s opportunities by either socializing and adopting a new introvert as their pet to help them uncover their shyness. Books that scream, “Read me,” to this type of personality are:

  1. Scythe

Source: Scythe

A futuristic society in which the forms of death have been eliminated and the only way for a human to die is for them to be murdered. The two characters, Citra and Rowan have been chosen to be a student to a scythe. They both must master the art of taking life knowing that the consequence of failure would mean that they will lose their own.

  1. Shadow and Bone

Source: The Scarlet Reader

Alina Starkov is a soldier who grew up by herself as an orphan. She knows that she may not survive her first journey to Shadow fold. Until one day, she unexpectedly discovered that she has incredible powers.

Alina may be able to destroy the shadow fold which crawls with monsters and destroys life through her ability to summon light. From this discovery she goes on a quest to help save the war-torn kingdom and unlock new secrets.

Books resonate with us and tell a story to the fascinated audience. They anxiously wait on dust collected shelves until a reader opens it and a begotten tale is brought to life in their imagination. Hopefully this article helps you select your next book, as you fill your shopping cart. They are waiting to be read and enjoyed, opening your next adventure to a new world.

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