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First Time Travelers: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Good Vacation

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August 31, 2022

The first vacation should be the best vacation. Why? Because everyone remembers their first-time travel experiences!

So what should you know and do to have a good vacation? Here is everything you should remember to have a memorable first vacation!

Book your trip as early as possible

Booking early leaves you with more choice. If you are booking at the last minute, you will not be able to decide on a lot of selections, because many hotels, flights and other transport services will already be full by that time. Also, it gives you the chance to investigate and learn more about the area you will be visiting.

This means that you won’t be wasting your time trying to figure things out while you are there. So what is the ideal time for booking? The most recommended time period is between two to four months in advance.

Plan your day

Planning your day while on vacation is highly crucial. This allows you to do all the fun activities you’ve been wanting to do without ending up messing up the whole day. If you have time, you should research everything beforehand, including where you’ll be heading and what you'll be doing there.


You don’t want to end up lost in a place you haven’t been to before, would you? So, you should know where you’re going! Firstly, you should think about all the locations that you will be going to.

Is it going to be one place, or am I visiting a number of places? Accordingly, you should investigate and be ready to react to a surprising situation like getting lost or losing a belonging. You should know the area and also understand how people will react to a traveller like you.


If you want to be sitting comfortably in a specialized seat with your travel partner by your side, you will have to book early because most tickets aren’t going to meet your high-expectation transport ideas. This might even mean standing for long hours until you arrive at your destination. Only if you’re lucky enough might you meet the requirements you’ve been looking for. If not, you might even miss your train or bus, get to your destination late, or never get there at all!

Set your travel budget

Plan your trip budget. This means the amount of money you will have to spend during your trip, money for accommodation, your food, transport and tour payments, etc. Importantly, you should make a realistic budget because you won’t be able to spend money on souvenirs if you don’t have any money left! Normally, many countries that depend on tourism have a lot of cash transferred for a dollar, so you are likely to be left with cash for souvenirs or similar products with your budget plan.

Tour guides

Don’t know your way around a new city or country? Why not hire a tour guide to show and explain everything to you? A tour guide would be your ‘know it all’ partner on your vacation, someone you can talk with easily and not get lost while wandering around some amazing and exciting places.

They will give you a positive experience and take care of you as well as they can. They will guide you through art galleries, museums, sightseeing tours, cruises and so much more. Just a small tip from your budget and you’ll be safe and happy by the end of the day!


Packing is one of some crucial things for travelling that most people think is not important at all. What you pack is what you are going to end up with when you are far away from home. So you should pack wisely.

Remembering everything that you need and want to bring is the real key! In general, you should be packing your travel documents like your passport and visa, cell phones and chargers, clothes, toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste, pain relievers or any medication, and your swimsuit if you plan to go in water.

Some places to visit

Struggling to figure out where you should be heading for this holiday on a low budget? These might be the ideal places you’ve been looking for!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has always been a cheap and really affordable destination for all kinds of travellers. Even with a shoestring budget, this island offers you the best experience and won't break the bank! Golden-sandy beaches, ancient temples packed with fascinating history, wild-life adventures, and the green mountains are the type of holiday any traveller might be looking for.

Sri Lanka is a safe place with a lot of friendly people to help you at any time. You might want to go there with a travel guide if you don’t know the area.


Thailand is a very affordable country to visit. With epic tropical beauty, an amazing food scene, and ancient temples, Thailand has a chaotic charm that attracts many people from around the world. Thailand is now one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, so you are likely to find a lot of people there!

It is known for its beautiful nature, delicious mangoes and strict rules about conversations regarding its monarchy. Thai people are generally sociable and willing to help tourists. As there are a lot of attractions in Thailand, it is recommended to travel with a travel guide.


Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas, and bustling cities. Travelling in Vietnam is considered to be cheap if you pay attention to your travel budget and negotiate well. Vietnam is an incredible country to travel to if you're looking for a rich cultural experience. You might even get lost, so exploring Vietnam with a travel guide is suggested, although others will be there to help you around if needed.

“Travel doesn't become an adventure until you leave yourself behind.”

Wishing you a fabulous holiday!

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