Everything You Need to Know About The Kissing Booth Before the Sequel Comes Out


As you may have heard, The Kissing Booth 2 is coming out on Netflix July 24th, 2020. The movie is a sequel to the widely-known “The Kissing Booth”, which first premiered on Netflix May 11th, 2018. It was based off of the novel “The Kissing Booth”, written by Beth Reekes, and was one of the most-watched movies on its platform the year it was released.

Let's Catch up to Date

If you didn’t watch the first movie or just need a mild refresher, let’s catch up to date. The Kissing Booth is a movie about a girl who starts a secret relationship with her best friend’s older brother. Its overarching theme is about friendship and following your heart. In the film, the main character is named Elle (played by Joey King), who is a current junior in high school. Elle’s early life was spent with her best friend, Lee (Joel Courtney). These two were not only born on the same day, but their moms were also best friends before Elle’s mom got sick and died. This film doesn’t spend a lot of time focusing on her mom except in the beginning, instead paying more attention to more recent things going on in Elle’s life.

More About "The Kissing Booth"

However, it doesn’t fail to mention Elle’s long-time crush on Lee’s older brother, Noah (Jacob Elordi). Elle doesn’t attempt to pursue Noah because of Lee, but it’s very clear that she has taken to admiring Noah from afar. She doesn’t try to make any moves due to her and Lee’s “Friendship Rules”. These rules were created by both Lee and Elle, and the duo are shown to take them very seriously. One of these rules, specifically rule number nine, says that Lee and Elle aren’t allowed to date each other’s family members, which directly goes against Elle’s crush on Noah. This is where the main plot is shown and starts to unravel for the movie.

Flash forward to the start of junior year. On her first day, Elle rips her pants and is forced to wear a very short skirt in their place. This in turn makes her get a lot of unwanted attention, especially from a football player named Tuppen, who, in Elle’s words, “touches her lady bum”. This caused Lee to try to fight Tuppen, which doesn’t go well for Lee. Noah then jumps in to finish the fight, landing him, Elle, and Tuppen in detention. Tuppen apologizes to Elle by embarrassing himself in front of everyone at detention and asks her out. She agrees, only to get stood up. However, Tuppen finds and informs Elle that Noah threatened him not to go on the date with her. This is where we discover that Noah pays more attention to Elle than is originally shown.

While this is going on, the student council for Elle’s school plans a carnival to get funds from stands put on by the school’s participating clubs. This is important because Elle and Lee created a dance club for their school, and due to this must come up with a stand idea. They eventually come up with the idea of a kissing booth, where the movie got its name. As they were pitching the idea, the council got interested, and a few of them even asked who would be working the booth. Frazzled, Elle and Lee tell the counsel that Noah would be at the booth, and because in the film Noah is the football all-star that every girl wants, this excites many of the students there.

In particular, this excites the “OMG” girls, who are portrayed as the ‘popular mean girls’ in the movie. However, when asked to run the booth, Noah refuses. Because of this and the newfound interest in the booth, Elle tricks the OMGs into running the booth and tells them a Flynn would be there. What she fails to mention is that it would be a different Flynn boy, Lee. So, once people start asking for Noah, Lee goes out instead. This causes half of the crowd to go away disappointed except for one girl named Racheal, who wasn’t introduced in the film prior to this point. After they kiss, Lee ditches Elle to go with the girl he kissed, effectively leaving the girl who’s never kissed anyone to run the booth.

Once the OMG girls find out they’ve been tricked, they decide to get Elle back by making her run the booth when the local nerd is next in line. Right before the boy goes up to Elle, Noah comes and takes his spot. Noah and Elle kiss, and literal sparks fly from the signs behind them, symbolizing the actual sparks flying of course. After this, Elle decides to go and tell Lee what happened, and while disappointed, he tells Elle to just not date Noah. She heads back to the booth until it closes, when she sees Noah flirting with another girl. Elle then realizes she likes Noah and decides to walk home instead of riding with him.

While Elle is walking home, it starts to rain. Thankfully, Noah shows up with his motorcycle and offers her a ride. Eventually, the rain becomes too hard to handle for Noah, so he takes Elle to a sheltered building to try to avoid it. There they confess their feelings to each other but are interrupted by a security guard. After this, Elle and Noah get into a secret relationship behind Lee’s back. This goes on for a while until Lee catches them kissing. He tries to fight Noah, who attempts to calm him down. This fails miserably, and Lee storms off. Elle pushes Noah away because of this, which effectively puts a hold to all of their relationships.

After many attempts to reconcile by Elle, her and Lee eventually make up. Once the prom comes along, Lee lets Elle tag along with him and his date. At the prom, there’s a replica of the kissing booth, which was the most popular booth at the school’s carnival. Elle and Lee admire the booth until Noah comes out from behind it. There he tells Elle he loves her, but she runs away from him because she doesn’t want to hurt Lee. After the prom, Noah decides to go to Lee to try and explain that his feelings about Elle are real. Flash forward to Elle and Lee’s costume birthday party, where Lee realizes that he supports Elle and Noah’s relationship. After this, Lee offers to drive Elle to the airport where Noah is about to leave for college. On the way to the airport, Elle tells Lee about her feelings for Noah, who reveals himself to her in Lee’s costume.

Over the next few weeks, Elle and Noah spend all of their time together before Noah goes off to college. The movie ends with Noah going off to college and Elle being unsure if their relationship will last.

Now for the Sequel

Now that you're all caught up, let's look at some of the things coming out about the sequel. Recently the official trailer for The Kissing Booth 2 came out on youtube. In the trailer, Elle is now a senior at her high school, and Noah is a freshman at Harvard. Before he left, Noah and Elle spent all their time together, and are now trying to maintain a long-distance relationship. However, this proves difficult, with Noah meeting new college girls and Elle’s newfound friendship with her school’s new student. On top of this, Elle and Lee take on college applications, and plan to go to their lifelong dream school Burkley together. These aren’t the only applications Elle does, though, and with Noah away at Harvard, Elle is again forced to choose between him and Lee. Overall, this sequel is looking to be as action-packed as the first film.

Hope you enjoy it!

The Kissing Booth 2 will be released on Netflix on July 24th. Now that you know everything you need to in order to watch this sequel, I hope you enjoy it!

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