Beat the Heat: Top 5 Summer Drink Recipes to Get You Through This Summer

Beat the Heat: Top 5 Summer Drink Recipes to Get You Through This Summer

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June 03, 2021

With May marked off the calendar, summer has officially arrived. One thing that is a must for this season is drinks! Be it after a hangout with friends or a gameplay night, refreshing drinks make everything better.

Not only that, the beverage you take can align with your needs too. From sweet beverages to chocolaty blasts, the variety is never-ending. You can try something new each day! Here are the 5 most loved summer drinks to get you through this summer!

Cherry Cola Mocktail

The cherry cola mocktail is the perfect drink especially after you have called it a day; all exhausted you want something to make you feel alive again, imagine taking a sip from a chilled glass, that stimulates your senses the minute you feel it on your tongue. There it is, the perfect blend of grenadine and cola. To make it on your own, take up a glass and pour as many ice cubes as you want.

Next up is grenadine, which is a sweet juice extraction of pomegranate. Lastly, you end it with cola. Since the cola is sweet itself, you can always adjust the sweetness by deciding the quantity of grenadine. For the final touch-up, you can garnish it with a maraschino cherry!

Mango Spritzer

If you are looking for a fruity drink to add to your list, mango spritzer will make every cent worth it! While you may think that making it would be time-consuming, it definitely isn’t. In fact, this drink is teen-friendly, and you can make it in a matter of minutes.

First, start with chilled mango juice and pour equal amounts in the number of glasses for serving. Next up, pour soda water into each glass, followed by fresh lime juice. Don’t forget the ice cubes! And you are done- wrap it up with perfectly sliced lime.

Indian Lemonade

Famous for its diverse food, India is the home to one of the most loved cuisines all around the world. Born in northern India, I grew up squashing lemons for the tangy yet sweet lemonade that became my family’s summer tradition. There are a lot of ways you can make it- using soda water, coconut water, or spices.

I personally love it without spices, but you never know what fits you right until you try! This drink is a great fit for the laid-back couch potatoes; you don’t have to spend too much time blending or sieving anything. Start right away by adding sugar into the water.

The sweetness is up to you to decide. Further, when the sugar dissolves completely, add lemon to it, and you are halfway through already! Lastly, pour it into glasses with ice cubes and garnish with a thin slice of lemon. Your drink is ready!

Galaxy Mocktail

Have you ever been fascinated by the hues of a galaxy? If so, this drink is for you! Whether you have a game night or simply friends coming over to your place, make it special with the galaxy mocktail.

This drink encapsulates the wonderful blue-purple shades and breaks every artistic barrier when it comes to being creative with drinks. The stars of the show are blue curaçao syrup and orange and sweet lime juice. For the blue layer, put into a blender blue curaçao syrup, grenadine, lemonade, and on top of all, ice.

Blend it until you get the blue slushie. Follow this same procedure with orange and sweet lime syrup, blue curaçao syrup, lemonade, and ice. Once the two different colored slushies are ready, put them in alternate layers in glasses. As for garnishing, go with whatever you like!

Watermelon and Cucumber Mojito

If you were asked to think about two fruits that remind you of summer the most, I’m sure the answer would have been either watermelon or cucumber. Well, this mojito doesn’t miss out on anything and has the heaven-made match of watermelon and cucumber making it everyone’s summer favorite. First and foremost, blending is how you begin with the drink.

Add in a blender: watermelon, cucumber, lime juice, and mint leaves. As soon as the purée is ready, sieve it and pour it into chilled glasses with ice cubes. Then, let the sparkling water bring the cubes to the brink.

Add in some maple syrup and finally, top it off with watermelon in whatever shape you want! Enjoy!

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