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An Open Letter to Future Generations


May 30, 2022

Future Generations,

We look at the world before us, searching for good. For the speck of light that makes the rest of the darkness worth it. And guess what?

We’ve found it. In our future. In You.

Right now, our world is in the midst of a crisis. We all find ourselves at the center of a battle that has been long-awaited, where dust is being kicked up in our faces and missed punches find another target. Particularly one holding up an iPhone to capture it all.

It is without a doubt that circumstances will be different once enough time has passed. Perhaps, discrimination will have withered back and been pulled from its roots. Perhaps, war will have exhausted us to our core so that the weapons in our hands fall to the ground. Perhaps, humanity will have realized the damage our desperation for control has caused.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Time, however, cannot cure these problems. It is only up to the people, and while this has come to light with our current generation, I can only hope that none in the future dismiss it. In these very moments, whispers surround us.

Whispers of a rebellion. NO. A Revolution.

One meant to fight for a world wherein every soul is treated with the respect they should have been born into. With the equality no one should have to work for.

The seeds have dropped into cracks and roots have taken hold. Revolutions have sprouted.

The LGBTQ Movement

Image Credit: Ian Taylor from Unsplash

The "Black Lives Matter" Movement

Image Credit: Clay Banks from Unsplash

The Women’s Rights Movement

Image Credit: Gayatri Malhotra from Unsplash

The Climate Justice Movement

Image Credit: Markus Spiske from Unsplash

And the list goes on…

Movements across the globe have begun, and they have spread like wildfire. A pipe dream, the past may have called it, but it no longer is. These crusades are the proof that no one can deny.

Trust me, some may try. They will shout and throw fists, and sometimes, weapons will be “tossed around.” I won’t go more into detail, because I trust that you sadly understand. It is important, therefore, that one keeps their dignity in times like these.

Keep your heads held high and fists strictly by your side. Take the high road, because everything else will become destroyed in the flurry of fists the others have chosen to raise. It will be difficult and, at times, even seemingly impossible, but have hope.

For the love of everything, have hope.

Hope has saved us before. Why wouldn’t it save us now? Why wouldn’t it save you later on?

Don’t deny its presence because of your unfamiliarity with it. Don’t let it be a stranger. Open the door and let it in. Open the door and breathe out.

Image Credit: Sebastian Unrau from Unsplash

Future Generations, Denial is a strong motivator of the human race. It speaks so valiantly over the horrific actions committed by our kind. However, while Denial is prominent, Self-Awareness also takes a stand.

Awareness of ourselves is a natural instinct of the human race. It is the gut feeling we have before our actions become so horribly wrong. It is what will keep us (and has kept us) from welcoming the end.

Future Generations, I hope you change the world. I hope you realize your potential. I hope every soul wakes up in a society that has become a little better, a little stronger.

I hope, I hope, I hope. I hope that my generation has done its fair share of work.


The Current (Old) Generation. We will be hard at work.

Elena Juarez
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