Actress Elisha Davis Talks About Expressing Herself and Screen Diversity


This rising actress is reaching her dreams!

Actress Elisha Davis is quickly becoming a treat to spot on our screens, especially with her recent role in the HBO Max original series and remake 'Queer As Folk'.

Elisha took time to discuss with us about her acting beginnings, as well as the best advice she can give to young actresses wanted to be in the limelight.

Initial Start In The Entertainment Industry

Elisha has been very open about her experience of self-tapping for auditions:

"The art of self taping is something I self taught myself by watching my friends' auditions who have landed roles & listening to advice from casting directors. Set up wise, the more you audition the easier it becomes. It is helpful to have actor / theater friends so you can help each other. They can be a reader for you, which is great. Make sure you have good lighting and a neutral background as well. My advice is to fully commit to your character. Also, have a demo reel available."

And after practicing self-tapping, the actress quickly got casted for her first role, which was simply game-changing to her:

"I remember casting being very excited for me. I was excited as well. For me it was special because I had achieved something I didn’t know I was capable of doing. One of the most important things you can do for you in this industry is have confidence in yourself. Love yourself, express yourself and value what makes you different from everyone else. When you become more confident & committed in yourself you can be more confident & committed in your character/ whatever role you are playing too."

Diversity On Screen

Generations ago, Hollywood was painted as a white-dominated industry where POC were not recognized nor acknowledged. Now, we live in a day where ethnic artists are now finally getting the recognition that they truly deserve. Eli has her own personal thoughts on being diverse in the industry and her importance.

"It is important to have diversity in every department on a project. Everybody brings their own unique perspective and ideas. A movie or television show to me feels like a big group project and it’s good to be on a team where everyone has their own strengths because of whatever background they come from. Working with and being inspired by unique, crazy, beautiful people is one of the best parts of being on set."

Goals And Aspirations

Who would you say are your biggest acting inspirations and why?

"I admire actors that use their influence to put some good into the world, which is something you can expect from me. I admire Viola Davis not only for her talent and achievements but also her love for people. As a black woman I appreciate how she uses her voice. Lamman Rucker also because he does a lot for young African American men and gave me good advice as well “stay in the game.”

The 'Queer As Folk' actress also has a lot of goals when it comes to what she wants to accomplish in the industry in general.

"I aspire to play a wide range of characters. Which is why having an acting coach is important. I train a lot. As an actress it’s important to be coachable. But also, I hope to do more behind the scenes. Being on Boots Riley, Justin Simien, and George Tillman Jr. sets have really inspired me as a creative. Also I aspire to be a person people enjoy working with. I’ve met some assistant directors like Randy and Marcus that seem like truly phenomenal people and leave such a positive impact on the others around them. People remember how you make them feel."

Next Generation

Even though she has not been on our screens for a long time, Eli has quickly learned important lessons and morals surrounding set life and the entertainment industry as a whole.

"Make the most out of every opportunity you have on set, be kind, on time, and make connections. Go for it! Try to do at least one thing that will get you closer to your goal every day. Stay focused, have a good relationship with God. Also have patience and be kind to yourself. Stay in the game. One of my favorite quotes is “the fastest way to reach your goal is to go slow.” I am still becoming, as are you!"

To keep up on Elisha's life and acting future, check her out on Instagram at @EliTheCreative. Thank you Elisha for joining us!

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