A Women's Body is More Restricted Than Guns


The recent overturn of Roe. V Wade by the Supreme Court has outraged women across the nation. The government has interminably controlled women and what they do with their bodies for centuries and decades. Unfortunately, women are still deprived of their natural rights. This horrific decision by the Supreme Court not only sets us back ages but also sheds some light on the struggles women still face today. Controlling one’s body is also controlling one’s life. What a woman decides to do with her body for her well-being or whether or not she chooses to bear a child, is an intimate matter that should not involve others, especially not the government. Because which law gives them the power to control a male’s body?

….but first, what is Roe. V Wade?

While we know that Roe. V Wade was the case whose end result granted women the right to make decisions about their own bodies and they can choose to have an abortion. Jane Roe, also known as Norma McCorvey, was pregnant with her third child in 1969, in Texas. She wanted to have an abortion but it was illegal back except under certain circumstances such as to save a mother’s life. But that was only in extreme cases. Her attorneys filed a lawsuit against Henry Wade, who was the district attorney. After several trials, the Supreme Court realized that the 14th amendment under the constitution pledges gives women the “right to privacy.” This case happens to be the most controversial one in US history.

Overturn of Roe. V Wade

After Roe’s victory, abortion was legalized and women were able to make decisions freely. However, even then, there were ongoing debates on whether this law should be overturned or not. During the 2016 presidential debate, Hillary Clinton even mentioned that this might happen. Throughout history, women have always had issues having access to their legal rights. The government always tried to forbid women or try to keep them out of power. Although we have reached many milestones in advancing all social, political, and economic positions, the fight is not over. Especially, not after the overturn of Roe. V Wade, which means abortion will be illegal.

The Supreme Court’s decision on the gun ruling: The Hypocrisy

Alongside overturning Roe. V Wade, the Supreme Court also overturned a New York state law that required individuals to have a license to carry a gun outside of their homes and they must have an actual cause for using it. The court claimed that this law violated the second amendment which gave Americans the right to bear arms. Notice the hypocrisy? According to the Supreme Court, restricting guns and the use of weapons is much more “complicated” than restricting women’s bodies. While as far as it goes, abortion only affects the woman who is choosing to have it, but weapons such as guns affect everyone. This ruling was also passed after mass shootings in Buffalo, Texas, New York, and other areas. Children have lost their lives due to access to guns, but that isn’t of any concern to the court. A woman having the ability to make decisions about their body is terrifying.

What’s with the hypocrisy?

As mentioned earlier, the government has a very long history when it comes to controlling and restricting women. They are not pro-life, they are pro-birth. If there was any legitimate concern regarding children’s lives, then the ruling on guns would be taken more seriously. Parents are afraid to send their children to school because they’re not sure if they will see them again. But instead of attending to this issue, they are more focused on women. The overturn and making of abortions illegal is a war on women. They may have made it illegal, but that does not mean it will not happen. They made safe abortions illegal, not the action itself. Women will look for other alternatives which will put their lives at risk.

The past few days have been extremely devasting for women and those who believe a woman should be able to make decisions about her life. Fortunately, a state like New York still abides by Roe. V Wade has pledged to protect women’s privacy, regardless. Many women have even broken out into protests. Taking away our rights will not silence us. Because we will find ways to make our voices heard. Meanwhile, it is necessary for people to support organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Naral Pro-Choice America, and the National Black Women’s Reproductive Agenda that provide help and care for women who want to get an abortion. Here is a great resource with more information: https://www.marieclaire.com/politics/abortion-rights-organizations-to-donate-to/

We have to keep fighting, even if Roe is gone.

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