A Eulogy For Naya Rivera Honoring Her Memory

A Eulogy For Naya Rivera Honoring Her Memory

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July 14, 2020

Naya Rivera was an icon for many closeted and openly lesbian/bisexual girls and I believe she deserves a proper goodbye.

Your mother, your sister, and your brother will be ok. They will keep you alive in the best way they know. You will never ever be forgotten.

Naya Marie Rivera, you were never just Santana Lopez. You were an icon. A hero.

A mother. A daughter. A sister. A friend.

You became a part of the lives of so many and brought light and love everywhere you went. You changed the world. You made so many people trying to accept themselves feel the confidence to be themselves and take more than just pride in it.

You made them feel safe and loved. That was a beautiful thing. You and Heather made a beautiful thing together. True friendship created a safe house for people who have felt (at one time or another) ridiculed or even hunted.

Your voice. It wasn't just beautiful, but it was confident. You were more than just a performer.

You turned this world upside down every time you hit the stage. Your voice made me feel comfort and love. From covers to your originals you rocked the world of every listener of your sweet sounds.

You changed my whole world view. I would've never even known the song Valerie if it wasn't for you and your cover of If I Die Young always brings me to tears thinking of my late aunt and your lovely friend the late Cory Monteith.

I know good and well that you and Cory are making some gorgeous music in Heaven with the greats. You and Whitney Houston singing a jaw-dropping duet and Cory making some sick backing music on the drums. God is just thriving knowing he has an amazing woman performing for his followers. I very much guarantee you my Grandma is watching y'alls performance because she knows how big of a fan I am of you and Cory.

The day they announced you were missing I couldn't believe it. I was so so scared. I never ever wanted anything to happen to you.

Now, I know that I never should've been scared. I knew where you would go if you were gone. I knew you and Cory would be there together.

Though your son isn't there with you, all of us fans, your friends, and your family will keep your memory alive so he will know his mother was a hero. You saved your baby boy. You did what a great mother would do.

You truly died a death worth dying. Though we never wanted to see you go, we know you're in a place where you can never hurt again.

The tributes each of your friends made was beautiful. Vanessa Lengies almost made me cry. The bond you two shared warmed my heart.

I'm glad that you can be remembered in such a loving way. Me and my cousin were talking about how badly we wished we looked like you. You were so beautiful, Naya.

Your smile was absolutely dazzling. You were constantly glowing. It was simply something I couldn't comprehend.

Heather. Bless her soul. You two were basically sisters.

Well um sisters who have made out on camera anyways. You two had a bond like no other. You made each other better and had a love for each other that I can only hope to have with a friend.

What you guys had was beautiful. It was a testament to all that time you spent filming together. Castmates can be close, but you and Heather went above and beyond that. You would go to the ends of the earth for each other.

Your presence. Naya, you weren't just another actress. As many of your castmates said, you were beyond talented.

You could memorize lines right before filming and you always added your own Snixxx twist to it. You made every character your own and made each show you were in just insanely entertaining.

Your heart. Melissa Benoist, Becca Tobin, and Jacob Artist all said that you were intimidating but also warm and welcoming. You made them feel like they had been there forever.

You had the kindness to welcome them in. You gave them an experience that they'll never forget and I know that everyone they love will know of your kindness in their lives. Each of your castmates said beautiful things about your heart and how loving you were towards them and your son.

You said your son was the best of you. I truly believe that. When a woman becomes a mother, their whole world view just flips.

Everything seems different then. You took care of your baby until the very end. That's admirable in every way. A true testament to your son and how he will see you as he grows.

Naya, you may not be here physically but your spirit lives on in every person you touched. I truly believe you will live on in every heart. I feel as if you touched the whole world.

You were amazing, Naya. I listen to your Glee covers all the time. You are one of the reasons I'm not giving up my singing dreams.

I've always wanted to be a star. I think I can be and I'll use your spirit as a way to keep myself going. I'll share my voice one day and I truly hope you see it.

Naya. You were more than any words I can write can possibly describe. I tried my best to show what you were while you lived, but I don't know if I covered it well enough.

What I do know is that I wrote for you with all the admiration and respect I could. You weren't just Naya. You were our Naya.

We adore you. We love you forever sweet girl. You changed this world for good.

Not a single soul will ever forget the name of Naya Marie Rivera or Santana Lopez. You are a true legend. A queen. May you rest in peace.

RIP Naya Marie Rivera


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