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Merely a month into 2021, it is around the time again when we begin to guiltily channel our inner shopaholics so that we can produce the style of our dreams. Although this is true, many tend to fall in the traps of glorified, un-ethical brands— which in reality are the culprits to fast fashion which is severely hurting our planet.

Now that the idea of switching to a sustainable mindset is beginning to create buzz, consumers have looked to purchase sustainable fashion so that we can live in a clean and healthy environment.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

A sustainable brand is one that has a meaning or purpose that goes beyond making money, instead seeking to increase the wellbeing of humanity and all life on our planet. It sees people as creativists, not consumers. And it understands the lifecycle and environmental impact of all its activities, so that it can seek to continuously innovate and reduce its impact to a minimum.

— Olivia Sprinkel's definition of a 'sustainable brand'

Surprisingly, there is a lot more to a sustainable brand than you might think. Effective brands will ensure to promote the importance of their cause while they might focus on sustainable packaging, materials, supply, production process, etc. In essence, these products might be on the pricier side, except as we work towards a better environment, isn't it worth it to purchase a piece that will be worthwhile, lasts longer, and is connected to a company that has moral and sustainable practices?

One thing to remember is to pay careful attention to false advertising and possible green-washing. Make sure to always do your research when considering a new shop to invest in!

Now that you have the simple definition layed out, if you are you struggling to find some eco-friendly brands yourself, read more to check out these nine sustainable shops that deserve attention from all audiences!

Ghanda Clothing

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  • Ethically produced
  • Follows the 11 principles of BSCI Code of Conduct
  • Suppliers are WRAP approved

Australia based on the Victorian Surf Coast, Ghanda clothing takes on a surf and street-wear vibe with an elevated, bohemian-chic twist. If you decide to purchase one of their printed to order pieces, expect 100% recyclable packages. Carrying items from fun patterns to basics, this brand is affordable and has a selection of styles for women, men, teens, and kids.

I have to admit that they are basically the definition of sustainable. Number one, they are local. Their 40+ employee team hand print their pieces using water based ink (hint, hint: they also have sustainable fabric!) and 100% of their goods are created by their in-house designers. Speaking of which, they choose to use linen as their main fabric source, which is known as “one of the most sustainable fibres,” along with timber hangers to minimize plastic in landfills. They only order the bare minimum to avoid wastage, and if there are any extra samples or damaged items, the pieces are recycled and reused.

Girlfriend Collective

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Shop these “seedling” colored sets, and more here.

Ultimate starry eyes for Girlfriend Collective and their line of products! This eco-friendly and inclusive brand is the perfect place to find all of your sustainable active wear, without sacrificing a good sense of fashion. Making every customer feel comfortable in their own skin, Girlfriend Collective strives to represent body-positivity, while carrying a wide variety of styles and sizes.

From tops to bottoms to outerwear, they have the most adorable 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. Their products and textiles use the best materials from things including recycled BPA-free polyester, spandex, post-consumer bottles, fishing nets, etc. Yes, they use the art of science, operating with plastic bottles to create the softest yarn for their pieces!


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I am so inspired by CHNGE; acting as a powerhouse, their emphasis on inclusivity and the way that they use their platform is empowering. They utilize their clothing to speak up about unjust topics that are currently affecting many lives, through their numerous campaigns and missions. They truly care about the world, and have the most powerful energy— in the best way to make a difference in our planet and society as a whole. Featuring the cutest graphics and designs, they are definitely up to par on what a brand should be about.

Made with full transparency, they share that they know the exact field their cotton comes from, that their workers make living wage (+ are taught about how to manage their money), and they are built on using all sustainable materials. They even had a 50 perfect model where they donated 50% of profits to five charities, where they have so far donated over $280,000.

Lucy & Yak

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Originating in New Zealand and now located in the UK, this brand features funky pops of color all around, giving me the BEST positive vibrations. From first glance, how could you not be obsessed? I think that it is so special how they use solar panels on their India factory, and most of their products are made with renewable energy. They even have a section on their website to specifically check out who made your piece based on a numbered label, which can be found on every product.

They touch upon subjects and advocate for causes like living wages, fair pay, ending work slavery, and anti-racism to educate their customers. For their eco aspect, they take full pride and responsibility for their workers.

On their website, Lucy & Yak's brand ensures that employers get at least minimum wage if not a living wage, that they all work hours that aren't excessive, that there is absolutely no child labor, that conditions must be safe and hygienic, that workers cannot be outsourced, etc. In terms of the planet, they only use certified organic fabrics which are all cotton, hemp, and linen. For any polyester and other man-made fibers, they are to be recycled with a GRS certificate.

Hundred Club

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Have you seen those cute sayings on tees that have been pinned everywhere on Pinterest? Hundred Club's down to earth charm has a pastel theme, and as revealed in their name, their concept is to only produce 100 pieces of each style to decrease waste.

All of their products are GOTS and Fair Wear certified organic cotton or Oeko-Tex certified. Chemical free, recyclable packaging, and a strict “no plastic” policy guarantees a locally printed item that represents the obvious care that the brand puts into their clothing.


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  • Read their 2020 sustainability report here.

This brand has recently been discovered to “revive relevant trends to their customers,” where “each piece is repurposed, reused, and then re-loved.” Receiving a lot of hype through social media, they get a lot of praise for their affordable bargains while upholding an eco front with endless styles.

Using the term, “made with care”, their vision is based on the people, planet, and product. While they are still working on their sustainable journey, they aim to fully get rid of 90% of single use plastics by the end of January 2021. Their products are classified under recycled, traceable, planet conscious, vintage, and upcycled where they use textiles that have verified environmental improvements and valid certifications. Currently, they are partnered with the Global Recycled Standard certification program, for the sourcing and certification of recycled fibres as they look forward to a full certification by 2022.


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Nu-In has what everyone needs to be on top of all the trends that are taking the world by storm on all platforms. Founded to fulfill a desire for a brand that was sustainable, fashion-forward, and affordable, you can rely on this brand to not break the bank. Their minimalist presence has a line of high-quality products full of basics to cover you for any staples you are in search for.

For starters, their team partners with factories that follow through with the same values of being sustainable for economic, environment, and social purposes. As of right now, their diverse community uses recycled, organic, and regenerated materials. Plus, they do their factory work, creative studio studies, and photo shoots all in Portugal— which will hopefully eliminate CO2 effects that come from travel.

Valuing honesty, they also have recycled and virgin fiber sourced cardboard to package, while making sure to limit their costs by not doing samples, or spending cash on big campaigns, advertisements, parties, and more.


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This brand has new styles weekly that will suit any occasion whether it be a cozy night in, a get together with your friends, or simply just a casual day of running errands and attending school.

Reformation has a strong belief in the importance of sustainability where they brush over everything you need to know about the topic and their apparel selection. They voice social issues like labor practices and environmental justice through their supply chains, and want everyone to feel included with equity. Through their investments in green building infrastructure and job opportunities to train for growth, they stay accountable with their sustainability reports.

A cool add-on is their “RefScale,” which traces their environmental footprint by totaling the pounds of carbon dioxide emitted, gallons of water used, and pounds of waste generated. This is just the start to everything Reformation has done to stay sustainable, so head over to their website to learn more.

House of Sunny

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House of Sunny's overall aesthetic and monochrome color theme is absolute goals! Their unique designs are relevant with all the top fashion predictions for 2021, and they are stunning for photo shoots.

In their sustainable sector, they fall under the “slow fashion” contributor group where they hold two seasonal collections each year to allow workers to go at a slower pace. They do this in order to find the best quality of everything for each individual piece that they put on the market. This brand is also an e-commerce retailer with e-flow technology— which means that they use vaguely 30% less energy than other retail spaces, while reducing the amount of water usage. To take awareness into animal agriculture, they use vegan leather and anti-waste prints to bring aid to the environment as well.

Join the Green Side

Now that you have some ethical brands to begin your journey of a sustainable lifestyle, continue to educate others and yourself about supporting eco based practices!

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