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5 TV Show and Movie Characters That Will Make You Romanticize Studying

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January 06, 2023

Do you ever struggle to find the motivation to pick up your pencil and just start studying? Is it hard for you to even know where to start? Sometimes, all you need to gain that determination and get going is a little inspiration.

One thing that is helpful for many is to get inspiration from their favorite TV show and movie characters who have top grades and a fantastic work ethic. Here, I've compiled five fictional straight A students who may lift your incentive to study for that test next week. Just be warned, this article may include some minor spoilers!

Gilmore Girls: Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore is a quiet girl, yet she is full of energy and especially brilliant in her academics. Throughout the entire show, she demonstrates her will to always be at the top of her class with the highest marks. She is constantly seen reading a book, studying for her next test, or talking about how she can't hang out because she needs to review her flashcards.

Rory Gilmore inspires many because of how all her hard work pays off. She becomes valedictorian and gets accepted into Yale and Harvard, all the while maintaining a phenomenal social life. After seeing everything she can do, it doesn't seem so difficult to study for that quiz anymore, does it? You can watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Read more about Rory Gilmore on The Teen Magazine here: What Went Wrong with Rory Gilmore.

Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf

Described as a "girl of extremes" by her creator Cecily von Ziegsar, Blair Waldorf is seen as the typical overachiever. She has a very strong personality; sometimes this isn't good, but it helps to fuel her amazing work ethic, which is what brings her far. When she doesn't get into Yale, it seems like it is all over for her, yet she continues to persevere.

This character is an inspiration to all who watch, because it shows that you should work hard and not be afraid of failing. Throughout her academic career she always demonstrated straight A's and didn't have time for anyone else to tell her what to do. She is in charge of her own legacy.

It is important to remember the realistic side of studying; sometimes it doesn't go as planned. Blair continues to inspire those to try their best, and reinforces that your failures can lead you to places that you never thought you could go. You can watch Gossip Girl on HBO Max.

Harry Potter: Hermione Granger

An iconic character in movie history who needs no introduction is Hermione Granger. Throughout the entire movie series, her personality was developed through her motivation to succeed. Her desire to be the best of the best was her own, not someone else's expectations, which meant she wasn't competing with anyone else except herself.

Hermione reminds students that they should be doing their finest work for themselves and not because of others. The goal is to make yourself proud. This is a great way to prompt yourself to begin your studies, to make yourself proud, because in the end it's you who matters.

If you study like Hermione Granger, you are guaranteed straight A's and, of course, a higher sense of self. You can watch the Harry Potter series on Peacock.

Legally Blonde: Elle Woods

This article wouldn't mean anything without mentioning Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. She is the definition of don't judge a book by it's cover. She starts off by being a typical sorority sister, but already starts showing off her leadership skills. When her jerk of a boyfriend breaks up with her, she is filled with motivation to get him back, which means getting into Harvard.

Elle Woods is the prime example of how you can achieve even the most difficult goals, as long as you have the motivation to accomplish them. With all her hard work, she was able to get into Harvard, which allowed her to realize she didn't need boys, she just needed to be herself. After this realization, she began to study harder, and became one of the top lawyers at Harvard University.

Elle Woods inspires people everywhere to go after their goals even if it seems irrational or they don't fit the picture. You can watch Legally Blonde on Netflix.

The History Boys: Dakin and His Friends

A lesser known movie is The History Boys. While not as well known, it is still a very impactful movie for demonstrating how studying can get you to your most wanted goals. The movie is about a group of unruly teenage boys being taught by two innovative teachers who are urging them to get into Oxford or Cambridge.

This movie is inspiring and teaches the lesson that it is important not to be alone in your academic endeavours. It also touches on how you can still have fun while furthering your education to it's full potential. You can watch History Boys on Prime Video.

If you decide to watch any of these movies or TV shows, you will most likely find some sort of inspiration to study. As well as romanticizing it by imitating your favorite straight A student characters. Now go achieve your goals!

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