5 StudyTubers You Need to Check Out for Study Motivation This School Year
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5 StudyTubers You Need to Check Out for Study Motivation This School Year

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July 25, 2021

Studytube is a genre of YouTube where YouTubers review stationery, vlog themselves studying, teach you how to do your schoolwork more efficiently, etcetera. These videos help many high school and college students be more productive and focused.

Here are some studytubers to check out and videos I recommend from them.

*None of these channels promote toxic productivity.

love, nika (Study Vlogs, Study-with-me Videos)

If you're somebody who is big on aesthetics, you'll adore the channel called love, nika.

Nicole, who runs the channel, has real-time study-with-me videos -- with and without music. She also makes study vlogs, showing viewers what she is working on in a laid-back format.

Her videos are overall nice to watch due to the muted colors and chill music. Most importantly, they will definitely motivate you.

Recommended video:

studyquill (General Study & School Content)

studyquill is one of -- if not, the -- most popular studytube channels.

It is run by Jasmine, a UCLA student, who makes a variety of videos, from stationery recommendations and note-taking advice to reviewing Pinterest study hacks and "how to deal with bad teachers."

Jasmine has a fun personality and gives quality advice.

Recommended video:

Brightest Plans (Korean Student's "Day in The Life" Video)

Korean students are known for studying around the clock, and Eunbin, 15, of Brightest Plans is no exception.

She posts vlogs documenting her studying during the school year. In these videos, not only do you see satisfying study time-lapses, but a glimpse of Korea.

Her videos are straight-to-the-point in the best way possible and include both English and Korean subtitles.

Recommended video:

jazmine layah (Foreign Language Study)

Are you taking a foreign language this year? Specifically, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Spanish? If so, you need to visit Jazmine's channel.

Jazmine, a soft-spoken Japanese language major, motivates her subscribers with study vlogs, but also sometimes gives tips regarding language learning. She does this through videos with incredibly calm vibes.

Recommended video:

cafe.studyy (Study Vlogs, Study-with-me Videos)

Last but not least, there is a channel by the name of "cafe.studyy," run by pre-med student Isabelle.

Her "study with me" videos are some of the most chills. They usually have soft music playing in the background.

Her videos stick to a calm aesthetic, which is helpful when your math homework is making you want to scream.

Recommended video:

All five of these studytubers work hard, not only in school but when creating their content.

If you ever feel unmotivated, search on their channels to get you kickstarted on a productive day.

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