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5 Best Global Magazines for Teen Writers and Artists to Publish Creative Works

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September 01, 2023

Scrolling on Instagram for several hours at a time, to try and get your work recognized? I might have the perfect way for you to get your work recognized while saving your time, simultaneously! Often, the best way to get your creative work to as many people as possible is by submitting to growing magazines.

Yes, it may seem like doing so won't do much good to your work, but trust me, growing magazines are the ones that will eventually rise to the top. With eye-catching aesthetics and magnificent formatting, global magazines are the perfect opportunity for growing writers and artists to showcase their excellent work to the WORLD!

I have personally submitted to a few global magazines myself, such as the Curio Cabinet Magazine and the Poetic Reveries. There is nothing that can match the happiness a writer gets when they see their name in a published magazine with several other talented writers.

Not only is it a great feeling, but it allows you to feel so much better about your skill and, if anything, rejections only strengthen your perspective! At least that is what my major takeaway from reaching out to these thriving magazines was and I hope you, too, step outside of your comfort zone and try these growing, youth-led poetry and art magazines out!

So, here they are, the top five thriving global magazines from the ever-trending platform for skilful, creative and outstanding writers and artists, Instagram.

1. The Art of Life magazine

The Art Of Life is a newly launched global magazine focused on the various societal issues along with cinematic sequences of life that play through our wondrous daily lives- an open platform for all growing poets, writers and artists! Now accepting all forms of literature and visual art— poetry, prose, photographs and MUCH MORE!

This magazine is, in other words, a global community composed of talented writers, poets, artists and more. It will target different global issues each time, which will set the theme.

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Mission Statement by The Art of Life Zine from Instagram

As of now, this magazine is accepting submissions on a rolling basis. Their first issue covers the perspectives of poets and artists on the topic of Dystopia. Dystopia is antithetical to the term Utopia, where the world is free from the cyclical misery induced by poverty, power imbalance and crime.

In this issue, this magazine will gather and present unique pieces by talented people who want their voices to be heard. Ranging from the human crisis in remote countries like Afghanistan to the LGBTQ2SL+, abortion rights and Black Lives Matter protests rooted in the United States.

Here is the link to submitting to their FIRST ISSUE, Dystopia: Submit to The Art of Life Magazine!

2. Eucalyptus Lit

This magazine believes deeply in the power of words to inspire and bring about change. Along with many other writers, the founders of this magazine are close to the heart of writing and art. They are looking for searing, electric work that plays with language in beautiful ways.

Send them your love for words, in whatever form that manifests—bonus points if your work is connected to nature or the environment in some way. Nothing is too raw here. They want your authentic voice and your deepest truth.

You can contribute to this beautiful magazine while advocating for your love of the environment, which is extremely crucial. Since now, we have surpassed the point of global warming and have now entered the phase of global boiling! As sad as it is, the Earth continues to roll into a detrimental state, using your talent and creativity, spread awareness about the importance of saving Earth now!

Here is the link to their website, to submit to Issue Two: Visit their website for more information!

Brown Ceramic Vases on white textiles by Sixteen Miles Put on Unsplash

3. Revolution Publication

The Revolution Publication is a magazine that focuses on "talking about it today to change tomorrow", similar to the previous two magazines. This magazine is a student-run publication with 200+ student submissions from 6+ countries! The main focus of this magazine is to acknowledge the global issues in need of more awareness, such as the LGBTQ+ community, Black Lives Matter and much more, through the talented youth of today.

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Issue 16 Cover Art by Sendooz on Instagram

We intend to re-evaluate social justice, environmental, and political issues through the power of student voices. With the help of art submissions, informative feature pieces, opinion pieces, and creative writing essays, students in the community and around the world are contributing to the spread of knowledge of societal reform.

For more information and to submit information, visit their site: REV PUB Magazine

4. The Curio Cabinet Magazine

The Curio Cabinet Magazine is another youth-led magazine platform that explores the little moments of life and allows creative writers to expand their points of view through their abstract themes! They have published a few previous issues that are open to check out here. Their team consists of a small, three-person team of writers and artists based in Vancouver, Canada. Curio Cabinet accepts prose/poetry and visual art of various themes.

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Submissions for Issue III post by Curio Cabinet Mag on Instagram

Curio Cabinet publishes the curiosities and wonders of our lives, expressed through words and art. Our issues are the essence of what our name entails - a curio cabinet featuring collections of poetry, prose and art that invoke inquisitiveness.

For more information, visit their website: The Curio Cabinet

5. The Audacity Magazine

Last but not least, we have a magazine for young entrepreneurs, artists, and creators! This magazine is taking in submissions on a rolling basis as of now and is youth-led. Not only are submissions free, but their work is as enthralling to see as visually appealing.

They are accepting submissions for prose, "ideas, articles, and photos, or to show off what you can add to the magazine and website". This magazine accepts submissions for future issues as well, so don't miss this golden opportunity and take it up!

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Issue 06 Cover Shoot by The Audacity with set designer Ali Gallagher (@aligeeze)

That's a wrap for this short but surely useful article for all those who need it! All five magazines can be searched on Instagram and are currently accepting submissions, although this is not the only list. There are a few other amazing and eye-catching magazines I haven't mentioned, just for the sake of those that are currently accepting submissions!

Don't hide your talent, but reach out and visit these magnificent magazines to get a chance to be published! They are not only free, but all of the above-mentioned magazines are youth-led and are there to support the global community of Earth. We are all humans first and artists second-- some are poets and some are talented painters or photographers. Whatever your skill and passion are, these magazines are excellent to try out. Most of them, if not all, are for a global cause and advocate for severe issues in society that need to be acknowledged. I hope you find the time to help both the potential in you and the potential in these magazines, 'till then, stay safe and stay creative!

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