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March 15, 2021

Are you wondering how your passion can become your career? Perhaps you are struggling to choose a major while filling out your college applications? Going through this journey myself, I conducted some research to find inspiration.

Here are 4 unique college majors I found that you may have never heard of but need to know about because they are so unique and captivating.

#1. Nutrition and Food Systems

For those with an interest in what people eat, the origin of food on the dinner table, health, sustainability, and how food connects with different cultures, this is definitely a major worth your consideration.

Students who major in nutrition will combine knowledge from social and biological sciences to explore how the nutrients in food can affect people’s health as well as their functions on the human body. This will lead to further investigation on how to identify, treat, and prevent diseases.

An economic approach to the study of culinary arts is by analyzing the food system. Specifically, students will synthesize the creating, processing, transporting, and distributing processes of food from a farm to a family’s refrigerator to recognize the benefits and flaws in the system. They will critically think about questions such as who determines the value of a food product?

What constrains the government from setting strict regulations? If these questions interest you, consider focusing on the economic aspects of food in our society for your major.

Watch this video for a well-rounded introduction to this discussion to see if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJG7HmQyYcY

“What if I’m only interested in cooking?” If you’re asking this question, you may be slightly disappointed to hear the answer, which is that you will have to apply to professional culinary schools to do so. But a true chef will need to understand more than which vegetable combinations are most scrumptious and how much salt should be added to a serving of braised chicken, so never underestimate how much you can gain from majoring in nutrition or the food system in college.

More career pathways will also be available for you to choose from if you pursue these majors, in comparison with attending a course at a culinary institute only designed to prepare you to become a professional chef.

Top 5 ranked colleges for this major (ranked by collegefactual.com)

  1. College of Saint Benedict, MN
  2. North Carolina State University, NC
  3. UC Berkeley, CA
  4. UC Davis, CA
  5. Cornell University, NY

Future careers: public policy maker, health care worker, food business entrepreneur, nonprofit organizer, chef, farmer, etc.

#2. Gender Studies

Gender Studies is a course on social inequalities, women studies, men studies, queer studies, and societal identity. Such topics are discussed in depth in regards to their history and contemporary importance by challenging students to debate through different viewpoints, deliver oral presentations, write analytical essays, and conduct research projects. While some people may believe this major will not serve any practical use when finding jobs in the future, keep reading and take a look at the possible future careers for people majoring in gender studies below.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” —Jennifer Lee

This major is extremely thought provoking, relevant to our lives, and inspirational. Not only can learning about gender build one’s awareness of gender inequalities, it also educates people on sexuality, social status, religion, access to resources, and the connections within these fields of studies, teaching you how to take action in advocating for productive change. People who pursue this major are often at the front of the line, leading other activists, influencing modifications of our society, and supporting those who need guidance or assistance in disadvantaged communities.

Top 5 ranked colleges for this major (ranked by universities.com)

  1. Yale University, CN
  2. Wellesley College, MA
  3. Harvard University, MA
  4. Stanford University, CA
  5. Williams College, MA

Future careers: consultant, lawyer, human resources manager, human services manager, social worker, journalist, author, etc.

#3. Rhetoric

The art of speaking and writing effectively, rhetoric is more integrated into people’s everyday lives than one can imagine.

Only in recent years, rhetoric has developed from a typical college course to an official major in some universities in the United States. It is a liberal arts major that drives students to think critically, communicate ideas with others efficiently, engage in sophisticated discussions actively, and strengthen their ability to persuade effectively. Beyond urging students to join the conversation, rhetoric is a much more nuanced and intriguing major than one can imagine.

Every person encounters a rhetorical situation almost every second of their lives: What do I want to eat for lunch? Should I attend prom with the person who asked me out? How can I most productively study for exams?

These day-to-day questions are only the starters, the basics. Furthermore, students will be asked to analyze complex social phenomenons in the fields of economics, law, and public health, learning how to identify the situation, exigence, audience, solutions, and constraints.

Top 4 ranked colleges for this major (ranked by theclassroom.com):

  1. Purdue University, IN
  2. Ohio State University’s Department of English, OH
  3. UC Berkeley, CA
  4. University of Texas, TX

Future careers: human resources manager, journalist, public relations manager, lawyer, professor, author, etc.

#4. Music Technology

Every piece of music has a secret formula behind the rhythmic beats and melodic chords. As with the creation of Surface laptops, large infrastructures, and AC in homes, technology is equally important to music. The most luring aspect of this major is that it can combine students’ interests in STEM and performing arts.

Many famous singers today are also the composers and producers of their songs, including Kanye West, Charlie Puth, Eden, and Drake.

Top 5 ranked colleges for this major (ranked by careersinmusic.com):

  1. New York University, NY
  2. Brown University, RI
  3. University of Southern California, CA
  4. Carnegie Mellon University, PA
  5. Berklee College of Music, MA

Future careers: music producer, director, singer, etc.

The Decision

Choosing your college major is certainly a substantial aspect when determining which universities you plan to apply for or which career path you are passionate about pursuing. If you are hesitating between a few majors that all interest you, also remember to consider the location, future job opportunities, average starting salary, and classes that go along with that major before making your final decision.

Scroll through this article to learn more about the most popular and well known majors, and visit this website to look into a thousand possible majors for more inspiration!

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