4 Test-Taking Tips to Help with Exams
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4 Test-Taking Tips to Help with Exams

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January 21, 2018

It's amazing how a couple pieces of paper can evoke such fear and anxiety out of thousands, maybe millions of students. Everybody wants that good grade on those exams, and especially for seniors. Exams can kill or help your grade! Without further ado, here are 5 test-taking tips that will make this mental battle quicker and less painful :).

Early is Key

If there's anything you ever shouldn't do, it's procrastination. You're more likely to forget the information you crammed in your head the night before, so begin studying early! If you know about an upcoming exam, learn the information early on and review it over time. Memorizing and reviewing concepts over time is better than learning and trying to memorize in one night.

Know Your Strengths

There's no point in reviewing things you know by heart. If you know everything there is to know about probability and statistics but you're bombing your trig homework, it's not rocket science when it comes to what you should study for. You can even ask your teacher and get his/her opinion on what you should focus more on.

Make Creative Notes

Even if you think you know everything, it's always good to make sure. By making creative and artistic notes, you basically force yourself to relearn the information, and you might even learn some things you didn't know before. Taking some time and focusing can also be a good mental break. Some people also might want to buy your notes, so you could make some good money out of it, too.


Last but not least, believe in yourself! The more you think how badly you're doing while you're taking it, the more likely you'll do worse! Study diligently, prepare early, and try to study as much as you can before you take the exam.

Instead of reviewing like a madman the night before (even if you studied before), get a good rest and relax. However, being overconfident isn't the best, either. Just tell yourself that you can do it!

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