15 Thoughts You Have In High School Represented by Freaks and Geeks


So, everyone has their own thoughts about high school, right? Here's some I, myself have had, represented by Freaks and Geeks images and quotes.

1."Why think about high school at all?"

2. "Wait, she's not really cool?"

3. "Girl, you need to chill!"

4. "Why do they expect so much from me?"

5. "Am I the only one who thinks this?"

6. "Man, I kinda hate this."

7. "I'm only a teenager!"

8. "I just wanna go home already!"

9. "Oh my gosh, everyone else's music taste sucks!"

10. "I'm totally cool, wink wink.."

11. "Why do I suck at everything?"

12. "Dang, I'm hilarious!"

13. "This school is idiotic!"

14." UGH."

15. "Dang, I've got good comebacks!"

Thanks for reading! If you have any other thoughts on high school, comment down below! -Rose Taylor

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