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10 Cute and Creative Ways to Decorate Gingerbread Houses


December 17, 2023

Gingerbread houses are a classic holiday tradition. Not only are they fun to make, but they're also delicious and provide a creative outlet to express your inner holiday spirit. For those who are looking to make their gingerbread houses stand out from the crowd, there are plenty of cute and creative ways to add a unique twist to the traditional gingerbread house. From Pop-Tart houses to icicles made from icing to even wreaths made from peppermints, here are some of the best ideas for decorating your gingerbread houses.


Classic Gingerbread House

Before we get into more innovative designs, let's start with the original!

The classic gingerbread house is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and easy holiday treat. Its simple, yet iconic design is instantly recognizable, making it the perfect centerpiece for any holiday table. Not only does it look great, but it’s also a relatively simple recipe to make, so even beginner bakers can bake it.

A classic gingerbread house is made from a mixture of flour, sugar, butter, molasses, baking powder, and spices. This combination of ingredients creates a rich, flavorful dough that is easy to work with and holds its shape when baked. The dough can then be cut into the classic shapes of a house, and decorated with a variety of colorful candies and frostings. All in all, making a gingerbread house is a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

Image Credit: Mariah Hewines

Pop-Tart House

A gingerbread house made out of Pop-Tarts is a great way to combine two yummy treats into a fun holiday project. Pop-Tarts are already similar in shape to the traditional gingerbread pieces, so it's super easy to cut them and transform them into the classic holiday structure. Plus, the sweet and crunchy texture of the Pop-Tarts adds an interesting twist to the classic gingerbread house. With Pop-Tarts, you can create a colorful and imaginative house with just a few simple ingredients and a little bit of creativity.

Gingerbread Church

A gingerbread church is a realistic and unique structure that offers a new twist on the traditional gingerbread house. Unlike the traditional gingerbread house, a church made of gingerbread has a larger structure with a roof and walls. The roof of a gingerbread church can be decorated with icing and candies to create a colorful and eye-catching design.

Gingerbread churches are also special because they can be enjoyed during Christmas, but also during other times throughout the year. This makes them a perfect centerpiece for any special occasion or gathering.

Overall, a gingerbread church is a creative take on the classic gingerbread house and is a fun treat to make with friends and family!

Image Credit: Jill Wellington

Gingerbread/Pretzel Log Cabin

A log cabin made of gingerbread and pretzels is an unusual gingerbread structure, but one that is perfect for wintertime. Not only do the rich, dark brown of the gingerbread and the crunchy, salty pretzels combine to create a stunning visual, but they also taste great. The log cabin shape also adds an element of fun and coziness to the structure, making it stand out from the traditional gingerbread house.

To decorate a gingerbread house to make a log cabin, first outline the shape of the log cabin. Then use pretzels to make the walls of the cabin, by arranging them in horizontal and vertical lines to mimic the look of logs. Next utilize frosting to fill in the spaces between the pretzels, ensuring that each piece is securely in place. To finish off the look, add a few decorations such as pretzel sticks to make a chimney or sprinkles to make a path.

Image Credit: John Matychuk


Gumdrop Fences

Using gumdrops is a great way to make a fence for your gingerbread house. All you need are some gumdrops, toothpicks, and a pair of scissors. Start by cutting the toothpicks in half.

Then, slide a gumdrop onto each cut toothpick. (You can make the fence as long or as short as you want.) To connect the fence posts, insert one end of the toothpick into the gumdrop, and the other end into the gumdrop next to it. This will help keep the fence upright. Once you have your fence completed, you can use it to decorate your gingerbread house. Overall, gumdrops will add a festive and delicious look to your gingerbread house and give it some personality.

Powdered Sugar Snow

You can also use powdered sugar to make snow for your gingerbread house. Adding edible snow on top of your gingerbread house can be a really fun and creative way to decorate. To make the snow, mix an equal amount of powdered sugar and cornstarch in a bowl.

You can also add granulated sugar if you want. Then, using a sifter or your fingers, lightly sprinkle the mixture over your gingerbread house. The sugar and cornstarch will stick to the frosting and create a beautiful, snow-like effect. This is a great way to add a unique touch to your house and make it stand out from the rest.

Image Credit: Юлия Овчинникова

Pretzel Christmas Trees

Making Christmas trees out of pretzel sticks and frosting is a really quick and easy way to decorate your gingerbread house this holiday season. To make these adorable Christmas trees, start by arranging pretzel sticks on a cutting board or cookie sheet. Then, put frosting on top of the pretzels, so they look like Christmas trees.

Depending on your gingerbread house, you can either use green or white frosting to drizzle over the pretzels. Once it is dry, use different colored frosting to add decorations like garland, ornaments, and a star at the top. You can also add sprinkles on top. Making these Christmas trees is a fun activity to do with your friends, and it's a perfect way to ensure your gingerbread house is anything, but boring.

Frosting Iciciles

Adding icicles to your gingerbread house is almost essential! Luckily, it's super easy to decorate your gingerbread house with icicles. All you need is a pastry bag with a small star tip, some frosting, and a steady hand.

Start by creating a small point of frosting at the edge of the roof, then drag the frosting down in a thin line to create the icicle. You can make them as long or as short as you'd like, and you can add multiple icicles all around your house. It's a great way to make your gingerbread house look unique and add a wintery touch.

Image Credit: Isabela Kronemberger

Peppermint Wreaths

Adding a wreath to your gingerbread house is one of the easiest decorations you can do! To make a wreath, all you need to do is add a small dollop of frosting to your gingerbread house. Next, place a circular peppermint candy on top of the frosting.

The peppermint can be of whatever color, but if you want a more realistic look, consider using a green peppermint. Then using a small plain piping tip add a red bow made of icing onto the peppermint. This simple decoration will bring a festive feel to your gingerbread house!

Image Credit: Randalyn Hill

Skittles Trail

Using Skittles to make a trail for a gingerbread house can be a great way to embellish the scene around your gingerbread house. You can use different colors of Skittles to create a rainbow-like path or use just one color for more of a unified look. The Skittles will add a bright and colorful effect to your gingerbread house and will help to bring a festive environment to your house.

But, if you're out of Skittles, you can also use M&Ms to make a path up to the house. Overall, making a trail up to your gingerbread house is sure to create a unique winter wonderland setting for your house!

Image Credit: Ksenia Yakovleva

With the help of these 10 creative ideas, you can create a gingerbread house that is truly delicious and memorable. Whether you’re making a traditional gingerbread house with candy and frosting, a modern house with unique decorations, or a whimsical house with colorful characters, you can make the perfect gingerbread house that everyone will love. So grab some gingerbread, icing, and candy, and get creative! Happy holidays!

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