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Winter Outfit: Stylish No Matter What with These 7 Simple Tips

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Winter is around the corner, which means sometimes, fashion will have to give way to warmth and fullness...OR NOT! The good news is, there are ways to keep yourself from the coldness and still rock the look at the same time.

Below are 7 useful tips for every aesthetic ever, so don't hesitate to light up your wardrobe this coming winter.

Must-have Items in your wardrobe

1. Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are often considered the savior on winter days, because they block out cold air and wind, protecting your body from the cruel weather. They also come in different lengths and models, but I suggest that you have at least one with a feather layer as it is often the warmest.

The most personally recommended brands for puffer jackets are UNIQLO, Everlane and The North Face, but my favorite is UNIQLO when it comes to quality.

2. Boots

Boots are actually all-year-round items, but for me, they are truly most appreciated only in winter. They often offer more diverse boot models in winter and they are so much better at keeping our feet warm than sneakers or running shoes.

Square Heel Boots

These boots, even though with heels, are comfortable and not difficult to do with because the heels are sturdy and support the front foot, so you never have to worry about inconvenience or when you are in a hurry. Square heel boots can be worn on almost all occasions. I always wear mine with blazers and skirts as it looks simple, yet still very elegant.

Knee-high Boots

Knee-high boots are perfect for winter because, other than providing a cool look, they provide another layer on your leg other than your socks and pants. For these, Nordstrom and Dr.Martens are my recommendations. They are soft, warm, and go with many different styles.

Faux Fuzzies

This kind of boot completes your outfit for the day if you decide to dress a little 'kawaii.' They are the softest and cutest shoes and can go with fluffy clothes or just the pajamas in your bedroom.

3. Diverse socks

You must be wondering how socks could be important for the overall look since they are often hidden behind those huge winter shoes, but really, they can be more than that!

Basic casual socks

Everyone should have these in at least 3 or 4 colors, as they are easy with any clothes, so just choose one that matches the color of the outfit. Also, they don't have to be expensive, since you would want to replace them once in a while, so Amazon or the local shops are just fine.

Vintage socks

Vintage socks go best with long beige dresses or other vintage items. However, if you find them so cute, you can wear them with literally anything else just to show them off, because these socks really have some personality to them.

Knee-high socks

Simple as they look, knee-high socks give more to the look than they seem to. They often come in various patterns, and the most important thing is they make you look so much taller and give a rather sexy, mature touch to the whole outfit.

Slouch socks

Needless to say, these are the perfect items for winter because anyone can feel their winter vibe from the first look. I often wear mine with my sneaker boots and my vintage skirt, which create a rather lovely and cozy fit.

Styling and Matching Tips

1. Layer Well

Wearing a lot of layers keeps you warm and is more convenient than just one or two thick sweaters, since you can take off one by one if the weather gets hotter. Items that are generally used for layering are turtleneck tops or thermal underwear, both tops and leggings. Don't hesitate to wear even two thermal pieces if necessary! One tip for wearing more than 1 piece of thermal underwear is that you should pick those with different materials or slightly different sizes to avoid discomfort because they will always hold tight on your body.

The best thing about layering with thermal underwear is that they are hardly visible and do not make you look way chubbier like sweaters or shirts. Once the warmth is secured, feel free to put on any sweaters and jackets you fancy. Layering can work with sweatshirts and hoodies too, as long as the colors match and you feel comfortable.

It is a good idea to wear a hoodie underneath a denim jacket, a cardigan, or flannel.

Blazers over blazers

If it is not too cold, even consider wearing those layers with a T-shirt.

Learn more about layering for winter outfits here.

2. Style Multiple Ways With A Scarf

Scarves are must-haves on cold days, but this item's flexibility is normally taken for granted. For a good start, find a scarf that matches the color or pattern of your clothes. Then it's time to get creative. I used to just wrap a scarf around my neck twice and leave it but turns out there are actually multiple ways to wear it.

The basic

The tie in front

The 'braid'

If you want to discover more ways to tie your scarf, click here or go on Youtube for many fun tutorials, or you could just create your own way by tying it randomly, and eventually it may turn out to be something nice.

Your scarf can also turn into a skirt or a dress, just by a touch of creativity.

3. Skirts And Dresses In Winter? Sure!

Make sure you still have those layers in the previous section secured underneath, and then you can style your colorful skirts and dresses just like in the summer.

There are plenty of ways to create a brand new look when it comes to dresses.

Wear a shirt underneath your summer dress

Put a sweater or sweatshirt on top of the dress

Utilize long coats and boots to cover what your dress can't

4. Take advantage of accessories

Since there will certainly be a limit to the clothes you put on once in a while on extremely freezing days, investing in accessories is a great idea.

No matter how basic your outfit looks, the accessories you carry can make an enormous difference. Matching bags, earrings, rings, hats, gloves, and, especially, scarves would appear more important than in any other season.

For me, the accessories below are the easiest ones, as they offer both fashion and the required warmness.


Crochet hat


Bucket hats

Bucket hats are normally more of a fall or summer item, but if you are a fan of them, I recommend that you find one with faux fur.


Wool gloves

Animal gloves for 'kawaii' looks

Leather gloves

The most important accessory

Finally, remember to wear the most essential accessory: confidence. No matter what you put on this winter, don't forget to completely believe in your taste, your creativity, and yourself. Even though certain items can go out of fashion, your confident smile on a cold snowy evening won't.

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