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Mental health problems are undeniably some of the most pressing issues of our time. About 1 in 5 of today’s teenagers suffer from some sort of mental illness, and, while very serious and complex, it may be surprising to many that even little things like journaling and venting could make a huge difference.

The Sayana app aims to help “[manage] stress and anxiety, get better sleep, and be more productive at work” through simple check-ups, tips, and interactions. It’s great for people who are lonely, very shy, or simply in need of someone to talk to. While improving your own mental health, you’ll also get the chance to help others from all over the world on their journeys!

"I have been in therapy for five years now, and it's hard to only have one appointment per week. Sayana gave me an ability to just open my phone and talk about whatever is on my mind. It helps me feel like I’m not alone. A big thanks to the creators!" - Ella from the United States
"I downloaded Sayana and had zero hopes. I just wanted to go out of my depression. It changed my life — I can regulate my emotions much better, I enjoy the simple things and I am able to be more present than ever." - Sarah from Turkey

While it’s free and can be downloaded on iOS, if you still need a little more information on the app or are still a little doubtful of just how much it could help you out, look no further! This article discusses five of Sayana’s features that make it worth a try!


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1. Daily Check-Ins

On Sayana, you’re offered the chance to open up and express yourself. With calming music playing in the background, you tell the app how you’re feeling, why you think you’re feeling like that, and talk more about your life and your situation.

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The more check-ins you complete, the more you progress through the different levels-- namely, Newbie, Explorer, Adept, Mentor, and Guru. The app provides information on what your level means for you and for others.

In addition, you can look back on past check-ins to see how you’ve grown and changed since downloading the app.

2. Advice

After your check-ins, you’re given the opportunity to choose whether or not you’d like to hear a tip that would help you understand or cope with how you’re feeling.

If you choose to receive the tip, you’ll see it presented to you in a way that’s not unlike an Instagram story: you see one window at a time, with a short body of text and a simple illustration. Once you’re done reading the text on that window, you can click to move on to the next. Afterward, you can give feedback on whether or not the tip was helpful.

3. Community Messages

On the app, you can choose which “communities” you want to be a part of. Communities are centred around the issues or aspects of life that you’d like to talk or hear about. They include topics like life advice, friendship, student life, family talks, sleep talks, health, relationships, and work.

If you choose to be a part of a certain community, don’t worry-- you don’t need to introduce yourself to the group. The group won’t even be notified if you enter or leave. Interacting is always your choice. You can like messages just like you would do with tweets, you can respond to them with advice or encouragement, or you can simply read through what others have said. You can also post your own messages and give others the opportunity to help you out.

For sensitive issues, trigger warnings are provided. It is your personal responsibility to place trigger warnings on your messages when needed.

4. Private Chats

If there is a person you’d like to help out in a very personal way, or if that person helped you out, you could interact one-on-one with them through private chats. These are basically direct messages.

On Sayana, it’s common to search for “buddies.” Once you find a buddy, you generally agree to contact one another on a regular basis regarding your issues or accomplishments. You have the option to be totally anonymous, which makes communicating much easier.

As with most social media apps, you have the option to report someone for inappropriate or harmful messages. However, if you do download Sayana, you’ll find that most people are genuinely non-toxic and very helpful.

5. Notifications

If you allow Sayana to send you notifications, you’ll get messages whenever someone shows support for you. In addition, it will also feature posts from other users who haven’t received much support yet, encouraging you to get in contact with them and help them out.

In Conclusion...

Sayana has to be one of the best free mental health apps out there and is 100% worth the download. Whether or not you find yourself struggling with your mental health, Sayana has a place for everyone. Your happiest moments will be celebrated by real people from all over the globe, and, when life gets hard, the same people will be there to comfort you and help you out.

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