Stressed About Final Exams? These Are the Ways to Finish Them Strong

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If you have any upcoming final exams, then you are most likely stressed out about them.

Honestly, I've never even seen a student who wasn't stressed out about finals at all.

Although some stress is inevitable, it doesn't have to overtake your entire life. You should be able to use the excitement to your benefit, not to your harm.

In this list, you will find out how to successfully relieve stress:

1. Make a Study Schedule

Making a study schedule will help you feel more in control and less overwhelmed. You will procrastinate less and manage your time efficiently.

Also, don't “multitask;” take one thing at a time by breaking tasks down into steps and cross them out when you complete them.

This will make you feel satisfied after completing each step and will help you keep going.

2. Avoid Toxic People

We all have toxic people in our lives. They might be people we know from school or even our closest friends and relatives.

These people will stress about the most trivial things, take every opportunity to discourage you, and end up succeeding in doing so.

Their stress and their negative energy are only going to add up to your own stress.

So, it's best to try to avoid them lest they end up damaging your confidence and ruining your performance on the exam.

3. Exercise and Eat Healthy

Research after research shows that exercise and a good diet will reduce your stress levels, help you concentrate, and give you high energy levels.

The exercise doesn't have to be anything too fancy; even a 10-minute walk can leave your mind calm and focused.

The diet doesn't have to be too strict either; Try your best to avoid sugar, which will make you crash mid-exam. Substitute it for a healthier alternative; Go for snacks like granola bars, healthy cereal, or fruits and veggies.

Also, consider adding protein to your diet. It will help you remain focused for long hours and keep your energy levels up high.

4. Say NO

Your parents probably told you to never be selfish and always care for others.

Well, now's not the time for that. You have to spend all the time you've got focusing on yourself and your problems.

Avoid having friends take up your time. If you talk with a friend for hours or go to a party the night before the final, you will most likely end up slacking and blowing off studying.

So, ask yourself, should I take the time off from going to weekly meetings with my friends to study for once, or should I succumb to my urges and get a bad GPA?

5. Take Breaks

This seems unintuitive for many people. A lot of students think the more hours they spend studying, the better. While I'm not telling you to take 2-hour breaks to go out with friends and drink some beer, but I do advise you to take short breaks, now and then.

For every hour or so that you work, take 10 or 15 minutes of break. While it may seem tempting to keep going because you're not tired at the end of an hour, taking a break will help you keep unwavering focus for hours. You might even end up saving time for other activities.

6. Get Enough Sleep

You might think cramming the night before the exam will be helpful on test day, as you will save sleep time and use it efficiently.

However, this will, in turn, cause burnout and a lot of stress from sleep deprivation.

Also, you'll become unable to retain a lot of the information. Instead of using every last bit of energy you've got on studying, get more sleep, as this will help you focus and be more productive on the test day.

7. Try to Be Optimistic

Being optimistic will give you the confidence and serenity that you desire.

How can you be optimistic? Imagine yourself taking the exam and knowing the answers to all questions. Picture yourself getting every question right and scoring an A on the test.

This will lead you to become more confident in your abilities, which will result in making the visualization a reality.

8. Stay Calm! It's Not Worth Worrying About.

While getting an amazing grade on every single final is something a lot of people want, it's often unachievable. However, getting a good grade is not worth dying for.

Don't let it overwhelm you. You know you're better than that.

A piece of paper doesn't decide your future, you do!

The exams might be 80% of your grades, but they're 0% of your future.

9. Become Confident! You've Done Everything You Could Do

So, the time has come. It's a few minutes before the test. You can't do anything that will better or worsen your score anymore. While this may seem intimidating at first, you'll realize that a weight has been lifted from your shoulders later on.

You know that you prepared well. Now, it's time to show it. The only responsibility you have left is to use your knowledge to ace the test.

Convince yourself that you are ready to slay the dragon (that is the exam) and keep yourself there mentally.

In Conclusion

These are the ways to help you succeed in getting your desired exam score (even though failure is still inevitable at some point).

So, don't become upset if you don't get the score you so desperately desire.

There's more to you than what a piece of paper says, and you know it.

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