Helen Chen

Helen is a current freshman at Columbia University double majoring in Creative Writing and Comparative Literature or Sociology (or Philosophy or she can't decide). She also shares a strong interest in entrepreneurship. Helen loves reading memoirs, dig out 90s movies, explore new corners of the city (although she is a New York native), and regards academia to be the most romantic aesthetic ever (perhaps ever so slightly influenced by her love for Dead Poets Society, Donna Tartt's prose, and classy Tumblr feeds).

Henry Younger

Henry Younger is a young writer from Newburyport Massachusetts. His interests include fiction writing, language learning, and interactive novels.

Hollis Humphrey
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Hollis Humphrey is a high school senior from Central Florida. In her free time she enjoys rollerskating, watching movies, petting dogs and hanging out with her friends. After high school she plans to pursue a career in journalism or creative writing.

Houkun Wang

Houkun Wang is a junior at Shanghai Pinghe School. He went to Greece when he was young and went to a British School there. He enjoys reading, writing, swimming and billiards. He has his own WeChat Official Account, and posts his short stories and chapters of his novel at regular intervals.

Hritika Kowlessur
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Hritika is a freshman in college who is deeply passionate about AI and machine language. While her major is not journalism-related, she enjoys writing as a hobby. Hritika also loves reading and binge-watching Netflix shows. She can easily get lost in a book and often ends up getting too attached to fictional characters.

Ikwuegbu Ihuoma
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A very creative Nigerian teenager who is passionate about content and digital creation. She loves music, playing the piano, chess, puzzles and any other thing that challenges her intellectually. She also loves learning, meeting new people and taking on challenges. Be sure to read her blog!

Imaan Aziz

we getting deep and controversial in this mf.

Ines Sahib
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Ines Sahib is an avid reader who finds solace in all things related to literature and caffeine. Although she is currently a full time student studying for her A-levels, she enjoys writing and aspires to achieve a career in journalism later on. As well as committing all of her energy and focus on English Literature, French, Philosophy and Sociology, Ines is also a part-time tutor in French, helping students flourish with their studies.

Isabella Dudley-Flores
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Isabella Dudley-Flores is a writer and musician based in Atlanta. She is a sophomore and is the managing editor of her high school's publication. In addition to writing, she enjoys listening to K-pop, playing Uno and guessing people's star signs.

Isabella Maldonado
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Isabella is currently in high school, but once it ends she is convinced she will change the world. Her life goal is to give a voice to the silent and convert journalism into more than just "news". Isabella's interests range from fashion, lifestyle, and music, to major controversial political, social, and or economic issues. When not found writing Isabella can be found working on her business, working on her girl empowerment foundation, attending important social events,reading the news, in business meetings, updating her fashion instagram, or exercising! Once Isabella is done with highschool her dream is to study at Columbia University in New York City and major in Journalism. Then, she plans on studying Media Law and becoming the new Elle Woods. So as she says it best, "actions speak louder than words" so keep an eye on her, next time you hear from her, it may be on TV!

Isabella Polombo
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"The Strongest Actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself, and shine amongst those who never believed she could"

Izabella Jorge
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Izabella Jorge is currently a senior in high school, focusing on the business and information technology magnet. She currently maintains a internship that specializes in helping special education students. Izabella also loves reading and walking her dogs, Tito, Smokey, and Chichi.

Jacqueline Belkin
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Jackie Belkin is a highschool senior from New Jersey. She was awarded a 2021-2022 internship with The Writing College at The Women’s Writing Institute. Her intrests include political science, theatre, writing, hanging out with friends and journalism. Outside of Teen Magazine, she also helps run Local Kids Care- a Covid-relief charity based in Central Jersey.

Jahnavi Rathore

Jahnavi believes to impact people from whichever field she chooses to be in. She enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures each time. She also has a penchant for writing, dancing, and singing. Music is what calms her nerves whenever she feels overwhelmed. Being an advent social worker, she likes to volunteer and actively participate. In fact, during the pandemic for covid-relief, she started an organization of her own to help the needy and deprived.

Janae Joseph
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Janae Joseph is a student currently pursuing Communication Studies. A California native, she enjoys listening to podcasts, watching travel vlogs, and learning languages for fun. She aspires to work professionally in marketing or public relations.