Bettina Henares
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Writer since May, 2020 · 6 published articles

Bettina Henares is an incoming freshman at Northland College and an avid writer, whether it'd be creative or journalistic. They are also a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a mental health advocate on top of being a former writer for their high school newsletter and editor-in-chief for the yearbook. In their free time, they figure skate, compose fashion sketches, and play various mobile and computer games.

Bharavi Yadav
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Writer since Jun, 2020 · 1 published articles

Bharavi Yadav is a Delhi based writer, currently a student pursuing psychology from the University of Delhi. She writes for everything and anything, although has a knack for politics and political writings. Vibrant, bold and clear, is how she would describe herself and her work.

Bhavika Malik
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Writer since Jun, 2021 · 2 published articles

Bhavika Malik is a high school student from Salt Lake City.

Bianca Mints
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Bianca is a junior from Massachusetts. Outside of writing, she enjoys reading, spending time with her friends and family, and making Spotify playlists.

Boitumelo Maenetja
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Boitumelo enjoys learning new things and doing things outside of her comfort zone. Boitumelo spends most of her time with friends and family. Her hobbies include reading, swimming and writing

Boshra Nouraie
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Writer since Oct, 2020 · 1 published articles

Boshra Nouraie is a senior in high school. She loves to read, code, write, and draw. Her favorite pastime is listening to music.

Brianna Goodreau

Writer since Nov, 2017 · 1 published articles

I'm a YouTuber from Florida, and I'm 15 years old! I currently have 1.2k subscribers on my channel.

Brittany Newman
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Writer since Apr, 2021 · 5 published articles

Brittany Newman is a senior at Princeton High School. She is an intern for the Marginalia Review of Books, where she assists with the Meanings of Science Symposium, an internal event shaping how scientists, writers, and philosophers interpret science. Brittany enjoys her time running, writing, traveling the world, volunteering with special needs children and hanging out with friends.

Brooke Barros
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Writer since Dec, 2021 · 2 published articles

Brooke attends high school as a senior, and she is excited to be able to demonstrate her writing to a wider audience. As a journalist, with every article she writes, she hopes to be relatable with her audience. In her free time, she enjoys baking, writing, thrifting, and playing with her dog.

Brooke McDermott

Writer since May, 2020 · 1 published articles

Brooke is a high school student in Atlanta. Most of her time is spent on Youtube, baking, writing movie reviews for her instagram @brookesbafflingreviews, and online shopping.

Caidance Phillips
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Writer since Jun, 2020 · 7 published articles

Caidance Phillips loves listening to music, reading, writing, and watching Netflix. She wants to further and better not only herself, but her writing skills as well. She loves to be her funny, goofy, and sweet self. She hopes to express herself through her writing.

Caitlyn McKenna
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Writer since Aug, 2021 · 3 published articles

Caitlyn is a 17 year old girl who can often be found dancing (in the studio or around her bedroom), listening to music as loud as she possibly can or curled up on the lounge reading a novel (most likely something by/about Sylvia Plath).

Calene Lee
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Writer since Jul, 2023 · 2 published articles

Calene Lee is a high schooler currently attending Orange County School of the Arts. As a student in the Creative Writing Conservatory, she loves to read and write. She is also a soon-to-be-published poet (January 2024). During her free time, she enjoys playing harp, cuddling with her cat, and listening to her endless collection of playlists.

Canon Pham
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Writer since Jan, 2022 · 2 published articles

Canon Pham is an IB Diploma Candidate and high school Senior from California who is passionate about using her voice to raise awareness of important issues and build community among like-minded people. After her first semester of Junior year, she started an online publication called the IB Student Chronicle to help provide more information about the IB experience for prospective and first-year IB Diploma Candidates. Canon enjoys spending time with her two younger siblings, her adorable puppy dog, and her incredible group of friends.

Carmen Lopez-Fernandez
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Writer since Aug, 2020 · 3 published articles

Carmen Lopez-Fernandez is a junior in high school and has recently started a fashion blog. Carmen found her passion for fashion recently and merged it with her love for writing. Carmen spends her free time designing, drawing, painting, and trying on different outfits.