Gwun Yi Wong
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Gwun Yi Wong is a college freshman. She loves dancing, immersing herself in music, and obsessing about fashion. She has a strong passion to spread the thoughts and voices of teenagers. When she's not at school studying economics and Japanese, she is often seen catching up with her friends, playing instruments, and pondering about life.

Haika Gerson
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Haika Gerson is a young writer and college student from Tanzania, She likes to read books, listen to podcasts and music. She is currently a content writer at

Hailey Funck

I enjoy to do bullet journaling and doing things to help people. I really enjoy doing makeup and hair. I am also a freshman in high school. I hope you enjoy my articles.

Hanaa Yousof
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Hanaa Yousof is an 18-year-old gap year student from the UK who’s passionate about all things creativity based. As an avid reader & writer with an interest in social justice issues, she hopes to pursue an English degree and subsequent career in journalism and creative writing.

Hannah Lawson
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Hannah Lawson is a 16 year old junior who enjoys journalism, reading historical fiction, singing karaoke and mostly important spending time with her family and friends. When she graduates high school, she would like to go onto college at Howard University (fingers crossed) and double major in Latin American History and English. When you don't find Hannah reading a book or watching a movie with her family, she is probably writing an future article in one of her many notebooks.

Hannah Udobia
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Hannah Udobia is a former student of the Writers Bureau Academy, Manchester. She is a budding writer who enjoys writing and reading engaging articles, travelling and conducting exceptional interviews. She has been published in Independent Australia, Relate Magazine and RubyPlus Africa Teen magazine.

Harshita Bathina
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Harshita Bathina is a rising high school junior in the Bay Area. She enjoys all things creative, especially writing! In her free time, she loves to bowl, play tennis, and spend time with her family. She aspires to research new topics in biology, chemistry, and delve into the controversies of politics.

Heather Grace

Heather is a junior in High School interested in pursuing entrepreneurship. She writes for The Teen Magazine on the side and runs her own online business where she sells T-shirts and dorm decor. She hopes that her articles can inspire other teens to pursue their passions and make money doing it.

Helen Chen

Helen is a current freshman at Columbia University double majoring in Creative Writing and Economics. She loves to read memoirs, explore new corners of the city, and is a light academia enthusiast.

Henry Younger

Henry Younger is a young writer from Newburyport Massachusetts. His interests include fiction writing, language learning, and interactive novels.

Hollis Humphrey
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Hollis Humphrey is a high school senior from Central Florida. In her free time she enjoys rollerskating, watching movies, petting dogs and hanging out with her friends. After high school she plans to pursue a career in journalism or creative writing.

Hritika Kowlessur
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Hritika enjoys reading and binge-watching Netflix shows in her free time. She can easily get lost in a book and often ends up getting too attached to fictional characters.

Ikwuegbu Ihuoma
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A very creative Nigerian teenager is passionate about content and digital creation. She loves music, playing the piano, chess, puzzles and any other thing that challenges her intellectually. She also loves learning, meeting new people and taking on challenges. Be sure to read her blog!

Imaan Aziz

we getting deep and controversial in this mf.

Ines Sahib

Ines Sahib is an avid reader who finds solace in all things related to literature and caffeine. Although she is currently a full time student studying for her A-levels, she enjoys writing and aspires to achieve a career in journalism later on. As well as committing all of her energy and focus on English Literature, French, Philosophy and Sociology, Ines is also a part-time tutor in French, helping students flourish with their studies.