Femmie Diaz

I'm a beauty and lifestyle vlogger! My YouTube channel is called Makeupgirl21 and I upload weekly videos's on there like DIYs, Routines and Tips!

Francisca Leal
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Passionate writer with big dreams and aspirations. Eager to join an editorial as a journalist. Interested in music, dance and bullet journaling.

Freya McCall
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Freya McCall is a high school student from Scotland. She has always had a passion for writing, journalism and performing arts, and is excited to connect with a new online community.

Gautam Iyer
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Gautam Iyer attends Elkins High School in Missouri City, Texas and is currently on the Junior Varsity cross country and track team. He has a knack for music and plays the violin and piano, while also reading non fiction and historical fiction novels and books. He is passionate about sharing ideas and information and believes he can achieve anything that he puts his mind to.

Geneva Brumfield
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Geneva is a current journalism student at NYU. She is interested in literature, film, pop culture, and social justice topics.

Gracelyn Mitchell
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Gracelyn Mitchell is a rising freshman at the University of Alabama. She is a 2019 and 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Alumna, feminist, LGBTQ+ ally, social justice advocate, and sci-fi/fantasy writer (who also likes to dabble in journalism). She runs her own writing blog and is very passionate about literature, academics, politics and social work, yoga, and coffee (she started working as a barista for a café in her senior year of high school).

Grace McClung
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Grace McClung is a junior at South High School in Denver, Colorado. Other than writing, she enjoys swimming, running, and spending time with friends and family.

Greta Chiesi
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Greta is a girl who live in a little town of north italy, she have 2 sister and love animals. her passion are dancing, music, acting and writing. she hope to work in one of this and go in a college like juilliard, tisch, yale or columbia.

Gwun Yi Wong
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Gwun Yi Wong is a high school Senior at the Boston Latin School. She loves dancing, immersing herself in music, and obsessing about fashion. She has a strong passion to spread the thoughts and voices of teenagers. When she's not at school studying environmental science and economics, she is often seen catching up with her friends, playing instruments, and pondering about life.

Haika Gerson
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Haika Gerson is a young writer and college student from Tanzania, She likes to read books, listen to podcasts and music. She is currently a content writer at amanirena.net

Hailey Funck

I enjoy to do bullet journaling and doing things to help people. I really enjoy doing makeup and hair. I am also a freshman in high school. I hope you enjoy my articles.

Hanaa Yousof
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Hanaa Yousof is a 17-year-old full-time student from the UK, taking Psychology, Media Studies & English Literature. As an avid reader & writer with an interest in social justice issues, she hopes to pursue an English degree and subsequent career in journalism and creative writing.

Hannah Udobia
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Hannah Udobia is a former student of the Writers Bureau Academy, Manchester. She is a budding writer who enjoys writing and reading engaging articles, travelling and conducting exceptional interviews. She has been published in Independent Australia, Relate Magazine and RubyPlus Africa Teen magazine.

Harshita Bathina
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Harshita Bathina is a rising high school junior in the Bay Area. She enjoys all things creative, especially writing! In her free time, she loves to bowl, play tennis, and spend time with her family. She aspires to research new topics in biology, chemistry, and delve into the controversies of politics.

Heather Grace

Heather is a junior in High School interested in pursuing entrepreneurship. She writes for The Teen Magazine on the side and runs her own online business where she sells T-shirts and dorm decor. She hopes that her articles can inspire other teens to pursue their passions and make money doing it.