Ava Chase
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Writer since Nov, 2020 · 5 published articles

Ava Chase is a senior in high school who uses writing as a creative outlet. She is an active member of her community and loves to volunteer. Her ideal day would include playing music, reading by the fireplace and cuddling up with her dogs.

Ava Cox

Writer since Jul, 2023 · 2 published articles

Ava is an aspiring writer with big hopes and dreams. But for now she is just making her way through high school. She loves dance, reading, her dog Hazel, and her family.

Ava Donohue
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Writer since Jun, 2022 · 2 published articles

Ava is a seventeen year old student in Dublin, Ireland. She has a keen interest in social justice, politics and international relations. When she's not writing, Ava can be found reading, debating, listening to Lana Del Rey, hanging out with friends and re-watching Gilmore Girls!

Ava Jankowski
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Writer since Aug, 2023 · 13 published articles

Ava Jankowski is a junior at Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh, PA. She enjoys writing, traveling, shopping, mock trial, and playing tennis. She is excited for any learning opportunities possible.

Ayana De zoysa
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Writer since Aug, 2020 · 1 published articles

Ayana de Zoysa is in her final year of school and is looking for a creative and productive way to fulfill her lockdown times. She has always loved writing and is thrilled to have this opportunity. She spends her time with her three dogs in Sri Lanka.

Ayla Miller
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Ayla is a current high schooler with an affinity for reading and writing. You can find her rewatching Top Gun, or reading The Hunger Games.

Barbara Alekseeva
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Writer since Oct, 2022 · 2 published articles

Barbara has a passion for writing and video editing. In her free time, she enjoys reading, swimming, learning about psychology. Barbara hopes to pursue a journalism career.

Baydaa Alshatee
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Writer since Jul, 2020 · 4 published articles

Baydaa Alshatee has been working in The Teen Magazine since July 2020, and is studying Journalism at EVCC.

Ben Ringel
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Ben Ringel is a current junior at Redondo Union High School in Southern California. He is especially passionate about climate justice, healthcare policy and educational equity. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing with his dogs, and spending time with his friends and family.


Writer since Apr, 2020 · 3 published articles

Born in a small city near the sea Berta has always had a passion: writing. Nothing can go wrong with a pen in hand. She believes in the power of words in a world of distant images, words that can make a change and trace a smile in someone face.

Bettina Henares
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Writer since May, 2020 · 6 published articles

Bettina Henares is an incoming freshman at Northland College and an avid writer, whether it'd be creative or journalistic. They are also a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a mental health advocate on top of being a former writer for their high school newsletter and editor-in-chief for the yearbook. In their free time, they figure skate, compose fashion sketches, and play various mobile and computer games.

Bharavi Yadav
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Writer since Jun, 2020 · 1 published articles

Bharavi Yadav is a Delhi based writer, currently a student pursuing psychology from the University of Delhi. She writes for everything and anything, although has a knack for politics and political writings. Vibrant, bold and clear, is how she would describe herself and her work.

Bhavika Malik
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Writer since Jun, 2021 · 2 published articles

Bhavika Malik is a high school student from Salt Lake City.

Bianca Mints
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Writer since Aug, 2023 · 3 published articles

Bianca is a junior from Massachusetts. Currently, she holds a position as an editor for Polyphony Lit, and is a reporter for Teens In Print, Boston's citywide high school newsletter. Outside of writing, she enjoys reading, spending time with her friends and family, and listening to Taylor Swift.

Boitumelo Maenetja
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Boitumelo enjoys learning new things and doing things outside of her comfort zone. Boitumelo spends most of her time with friends and family. Her hobbies include reading, swimming and writing