Tarun Srivastava

Tarun Srivastava is a high school senior from India. From the age of 14, he has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and youth's mental health. Tarun enjoys to spend his time reading, writing, surfing and binge-watching Netflix.

Teia Stamos

Teia Stamos is an aspiring writer from London who enjoys acting, lifestyle and baking.

Tia Byer

Tia Byer is a recent Master's graduate in American Literature from the University of Edinburgh. When she isn't writing for The Teen Magazine, she is busy creating content for her blog entitled 'Feminism Through Cinema and Literature'.

Tiara Georgina

Tiara is a journalist at The Teen Magazine, covering topics mainly about beauty. Currently residing in Jakarta, Indonesia, she is experienced with writing articles for her school's publication in the beauty section and experimenting with makeup and skincare. She is passionate about coming up with fresh ideas and turning them into helpful, informative, and eye-opening content for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Aside from writing and makeup, she also enjoys art, traveling, learning new languages, playing video games, and watching animated shows.

Tula Singer

Tula Singer is a 17 year-old Cuban-American recently moved to Brooklyn after spending several years in Havana. She wants her pieces to be a slice of her life — filled with jazz, oceans, identiy crises, and chocolate. She writes because she cannot let it go.

Urbi Modhura

Urbi is a curious UK teen who wants to learn and explore new things! She loves making music, playing chess, reading her favourite novels and comics, watching TV, following sports, food, and, of course, writing (though you expected the last one, didn't you?). Urbi is really excited to share her articles with you and hopes that you'll enjoy them as much as she enjoyed writing them!

Valentine Marselou

Valentine is a good photographer. She's a ballet dancer and a synchronized swimmer. She likes Netflix and her favorite series is stranger things. She travels a lot and she is an adventurous person who likes spending time in the woods and reading thrillers.

Valeria Keuser

Valeria is a current senior at an International School in the Netherlands passionate about writing and politics.

Vama Suvani

Vama Suvani is a high school student whose interest lies in English literature and History. She writes articles and poems on a variety of topics relatable to teenagers. Vama loves to read books and documents her feelings on them in her Tumblr blog.

Vishwa Venkatesan

Vishwa Venkatesan is a 17 year old student attending Dulles High School in Sugar Land, TX. He is on his high school’s Junior Varsity basketball team and has strong passions for fitness, health, and spirituality. He hopes to keep writing for years to come and lives by the saying “live in the present moment to receive the fullest life has to offer.”

Yashvi Agarwal

Yashvi Agarwal is a Senior in High School. She loves to Read Fiction but is also an extreme extrovert, she enjoys Travelling and meeting new people to gather different Experiences. She appreciates Challenges in life.

Yomna Abdeltawab

Yomna Abdeltawab is an Egyptian high-school writer and interviewer. She is also part of TTM's designer team which releases issues each month. Her other hobbies include photography and film-making. She is very ambitious and dreams of leaving a mark on the world.

Yuliza Merced

Yuliza Merced is a high school sophomore from the Island of Puerto Rico. You can find her during the day reading, singing, or writing. She likes to spend the days on the beach reading a good book or writing an interesting story.

Zara Miller

Zara Miller is a writer, blogger, and the author of the Young Adult novel "I am Cecilia" published under the auspices of the New Degree Press Publishing. She studied diplomacy at Middlesex University London where she started developing her artistic talents. She is a vivacious blogger, book reviewer, and a social media enthusiast. She loves musical theatre, historical anecdotes and her greatest inspiration for writing comes from her family.