Rutvi Mevawala

Rutvi Mevawala is a sophomore in high school and loves to read (YA, mysteries, psychological thrillers!). She recently discovered her peaking interest in writing and journalism and is now actively working to develop her skills in the corresponding area. Rutvi enjoys spending her time reading, writing, watching movies and chatting with friends.

Sahma Kundu

She is competent at throwing frivolous puns in inappropriate situations. Some might see the fire in the puns, whereas some might be inflamed.

Salma Amrou

Salma Amrou is a 15-year-old Egyptian-American poet and aspiring author. She has won two first-place prizes in the fiction category of the Young Authors Contest in her school district. Aside from writing, she can be found reading classic literature, surfing obscure Wikipedia pages, journaling, and procrastinating on her homework.

Samantha Ferrer
10k+ pageviews

Samantha Ferrer is a freshman at college. She enjoys reading romance and dystopian novels, writing, and taking candids. On her free time, you can find Samantha reading or listening to music. Samantha also hopes to grow as a reader and writer on The Teen Magazine website.

Sam Atkinson
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Sam is currently in high school. He's been a writer for The Teen Magazine since January 2021.

Samir Tusneem
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Samir is a junior in high school who is passionate for the field of journalism. Aside from being a writer for The Teen Magazine, Samir involves himself with his school newspaper, two non-profit organizations, and he currently is running his own newspaper with a couple of his friends. Samir enjoys working with others to accomplish goals and achievements, and he is more than eager to help out whenever he can.

Sammy Kelner
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Sammy Kelner is a high school sophomore who is very passionate about politics and social justice issues. She is the founder and president of her school’s Key Club and has a podcast called Politically Blonde. She is also a contributing editor for the Marginalia Review of Books. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and going to the beach.

Samuel Burton
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Samuel Burton is a high school student in England. He is passionate about empowering young people to have a voice and be the change that they want to see in the world. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, staying active, and listening to music.

Sania Ahmad

Sania Ahmad is a sixteen-year-old social entrepreneur and mental health advocate from Texas. Besides advocating and entrepreneurship, she also believes in creative expression and hopes to put that into perspective via her articles! Lastly, she enjoys cats, anime, and reading psychological thrillers.

Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer a junior in high school with goals to pursue journalism in the future. She enjoys playing flute in her high school's concert band, and cello independently. She loves reading, writing poetry, and painting in her spare time. Sarah hopes to one day inspire people just as the empowering women who shaped her have.

Sarah Serran
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Sarah Serran is a talented artist who uses the visual arts and writing as a way to express and voice her views on many topics such as, racism, women's rights, and more. She is extremely passionate and actively involved with the Feminist Movement, specifically covering the issues of body image and slut-shaming. She hopes to use this platform to raise awareness and help young girls all around the world.

Shahenda Mahmoud

Also known as Shahenda THEBOOKGEEK. I am a 22-year old indie book blogger, poet, magazine writer, and a senior dental student. If I am not reading, then you would find me writing book reviews, poems, women empowerment, career coaching or personal development articles. If not that, then you would definitely find me crying over my long lost GPA.

Siena Parrish

Siena is currently a college student who is majoring in Political Science. She is an avid reader of international news and books concerning the history of the Middle East and 15th century China. Siena enjoys drinking excessive amounts of caffeine and practicing martial arts.

Simran Tuteja
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Simran Tuteja is 19 year old undergraduate student majoring in mathematics from the University of Delhi. She started writing when she was clinically depressed and dealing with anxiety and she wants to become a successful writer. Simran enjoys writing short stories, poems and articles. Her poem ‘Little do they know’ got published in ‘In Real Life’, an anthology by Himanshu Goel. She is the Editor-in-Chief at Ananta, the Science Society of Indraprastha College for Women.