Neha Magesh

Neha Magesh is a high school senior from Redmond, Washington. She has loved to write from a young age and especially loves creative nonfiction. In her free time she enjoys hiking, baking, running, and listening to new music. She plans to pursue a major in journalism. She also dabbles in creative writing on the side.

Nhi Tran
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Nina is a Vietnamese high school student who has come to and studied in the US since she was 14. Besides journaling and reading novels, Nina enjoys spending her time daydreaming and singing when no one is home. She hopes you are having a great day and enjoying all the articles on The Teen Magazine!

Nicka Ghods

Nicka Ghods is a current junior in high school from California, who was born and raised in New York City. She found her love for writing and fashion while growing up in the Big Apple, and recently decided to put the two together and create her fashion blog, Trendsetter. In a typical week, you can find Nicka writing for her blog, researching the latest fashion trends, playing tennis, volunteering, having photo shoots and hanging out with her best friends. Nicka dreams of being a writer and reporter for a fashion magazine one day!

Nicole Salim

Nicole Salim is a sixth form student in England, who studies English literature, Spanish and Psychology. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, reading, writing and hanging out with her friends.

Nicol Maciejewska

Nicol is a lover of high-fashion. Brands such as Saks Potts, Fendi, and Miu Miu are some of her favorites. She adores biographies about fashion lovers like herself, musicians or comedians. Her favorite book of all time is The Alchemist. She attends LIM College for Fashion Media and writes for various publications. When she's not typing away at her computer she's out with her friends experiencing everything New York City has to offer. She's also a cat parent, who named her precious kitty Pluto after the cat in Edgar Allan Poe's story called "The Black Cat".

Nikhita Makam
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Nikhita Makam is a 16 year old high school student by day and a poet by night. She is author of "14 works by a 14 year old" and a writer for The Teen Magazine. Nikhita spends her time writing, reading, watching dog videos, gardening, wondering about ladybugs and battling the common enemy to all high school students: homework.

Nishtha Gupta
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A 17 years old bibliophile from New Delhi, India. Nishtha loves to try new things, talk, read books, play the guitar and the uke, and bake. She likes to be called Nish. She believes that reading books can really bring a huge impact in one's life.

Nitisha Iyer

Nitisha Iyer is an incoming freshman who is passionate about writing and is planning to pursue business and economics. She also loves to read and to travel!

Noa Ran-Ressler

Noa is an aspiring author and journalist with a passion for taking climate action and volunteering at her local animal shelter. When she is not writing haikus, you can find her practicing French, working on DIY projects, or watching crime TV shows.

Norah Baldwin
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Norah is a high school senior from Boston, MA. She currently works as an editor for various international student-run literary and science research journals in addition to The Teen Magazine. She will be attending nursing school next fall.

Nrithi Subramanian
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Nrithi Subramanian is a senior in high school from Dallas, TX. She finds great happiness in writing but is also an entrepreneur (started the company Mantra and Co.), an Indian Classical Dancer, and a public speaker. Nrithi enjoys spending her free time reading, with friends/family, and painting.

Oriana Taylor

Oriana is currently a high school student in Illinois. She is passionate about politics, the environment, and film. Oriana wishes to pursue a career in journalism and politics.

Penny Beretta

Enjoys art, literature, and linguistics. Fluent in English, Italian, and learning French.

Pooja Gupta

Pooja is a student completing her Engineering in Computer Science. She's very passionate about fighting for the right causes and supports the LGBTQ+ community. She strongely stands against colourism and bullying of any sorts.

Portia Grace

Portia is a high school student currently living in England. She has a keen interest in all things fashion and beauty, which, partnered with her love for reading and writing, prompted her to join the Teen Magazine writing team.