Aakansha Munshi

Aakansha Munshi is a student of humanities with a love for the written word. She is fascinated by libraries and is a bit of a hoarder when it comes to stationery. When she isn't curled up in a corner reading books, she can be found playing the guitar or doodling in her notebook. Writing makes her feel happy the most and she strives to become a published author.

Abigail Oxner

I'm a 16 year old girl from Nova Scotia Canada, I'm a summer camp counselor and student council secretary who loves books, fashion, dancing and photography. Puppies are wonderful and life is good. Carpe Diem!

Abigail Sulfridge
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This is Abigail Sulfridge! She is 19 years old from Boise, Idaho. She has been writing since she was a kid. Writing and Acting are her passions. But she also going to College of Western Idaho to be a teacher for elementary students. She works full time with Red Fox Home Care as a Medtech.

Aditi Chaurasia

Aditi is a high school junior in the Bay Area. She has a passion for linguistics, business, and animal rights. When she isn't hiking with her dog, you can find her reading (mysteries!), bullet journaling, or baking.

Agnes Garrett

Hi. I'm Agnes. An aspiring writer(?). Movie lover. Virgo. I love writing and reading just about anything! If I'm not on here I'm probably makiing a million playlists!

Aiman Anwar

Aiman Anwar is currently an A'Levels student residing in Pakistan. She is studying sciences but her passion lies in writing. She also enjoys photography, reading mystery novels and spending time with friends and family. She also owns a small stationery business on Instagram called Spill The Paint.

Alana Invernon

Alana is a UK sixth former and aspiring journalist. She is passionate about storytelling, literature, and history.

Aleksandra Semjonova
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Aleks Semjonova is a second year Journalism & Publishing student at Bath Spa University, England. Alongside writing for The Teen Magazine, she is a writer for the online student magazine Student Pages. Aleks enjoys writing about her travels, her latest thrift clothing item, and new discoveries in the music world.

Alice Li

Alice is a current high school student who has a passion for sharing her ideas and experiences through writing and editing. When she isn't writing, other will find her playing volleyball, dancing, watching unhealthy amounts of anime, or learning about anything related to the elusive cosmos.

Alicia Renee
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Alicia Renee is a junior in high school who wants to create in any way she can. She's highly active in the political and social justice community. Alicia likes to spend her time learning, writing, sewing, crafting, editing (photos, videos, essays, anything) and being around the people she loves.

Ali Qiu
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Alisha Bilal
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Alisha is a 15 year old British girl who lives in the Middle East. She loves reading, writing and learning about new languages and cultures. She also has a blog where she posts about her life as a teen, advice posts and posts relating to productivity.

Allana Wessling
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Allana Wessling is an Australian high school student planning to enroll in a journalism/creative writing course after school. She is highly interested in digital technologies, history, and fictional writing - she is currently co-writing an action-romance novel series focused on the themes of confidence and overcoming hardships and mental illness. Allana thoroughly enjoys spending her time with friends and family, writing tips and tricks for other authors, and reading anything and everything.

Anna Kubiak
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Anna enjoys a variety of creative and active hobbies such as playing volleyball, riding horses, and writing. She is a high school sophomore whose homeschooled status allows her to work on college credits and pursue her passions throughout her time in secondary school. Anna hopes to use writing as a way to reach people and to bring them together.

Annie Pan

Annie Pan is a junior in Ladue Horton Watkins High School. Her hobbies include playing piano, writing, and reading realistic fiction. Her favorite snack is cotton candy grapes.