My Results from Doing the 30 Days Jump Rope Challenge (with photos)


I decided to go on a month workout challenge but couldn't decide which I wanted to (wanted to do a Chloe ting program but later decided to start with something easier). I'm not new to working out ( I have done more workouts than any average teenager my age). However, I've gained a lot of weight lately and I've been lazy to workout so I decided to challenge myself and this is what happened.

I found this workout on Tuesday, 14th of April, 2020 and started it that same day and I wrote my experience every single day along with the date in my color notepad app.

Day1(Tues,14/04/2020): 200 skips was so easy compared to the 1000 skips and even more I used to do before I stopped working out. And as I mentioned, I had also done 100 jumping jacks previously so my heart rate was already up a little which made it easier for me to go through the workout super easy.

Day 2(15/04/2020): I did a 5.minute leg and booty workout and also an ab workout in the morning. I did 250 skips in the night and it was as easy as day 1.

This is the 5 minute booty workout I got from Huda beauty

Day 3 (16/04/2020): I did a 5 minute leg and booty workout and 275 skips according to the plan. Still went through it easily. My sister got inspired and started working out with me but she started with 100 since she was new to working out.

Day 4 (17/04/2020): I did 300 skips 

Day 5 (18/04/2020): I did 350 workouts with some ab exercises

Day 6 (19/04/2020): I did 400 skips 

Day 7 (20/04/2020): Rest day.

Day 8 (21/04/2020): I did 450 skips and it still wasn't tough. At this point I was almost considering if the challenge was too easy and I should start adding more reps but I finally decided to stick with the calendar.

Day 9 (22/04/2020): I did my 500 skips with ease

Day 10 (23/04/2020): I did 550 skips with a minimum level of difficulty.

Day 11 (24/04/2020): I did 600 skips. The workout just started becoming harder.

Day 12 (25/04/2020): I half struggled with doing 650 skips

Day 13 (26/04/2020): Rest day.

Day 14 (27/04/2020): The workout was exhausting. I did 700 skips

Day 15 (28/04/2020): 750 skips with three breaks within

Day 16 (29/04/2020): I started the Chloe ting get abs in two weeks challenge (if you haven't heard of this workout video, you live under a rock) in the evening, I did 200 skips for 4 rounds making it 800

Day 17 (30/04/2020): I did day 2 of Chloe ting challenge and did my 850 skips.

Day 18 (1/05/2020): I did 3 rounds of 300 skips making it total of 900 skips (literally forgot to do Chloe ting's workout and gave up totally)

Day 19 (2/05/2020): Rest day

Day 20 (3/05/2020): ten more days to go..yay!!! Struggled with 950 skips

Day 21 (4/05/2020): I did 200 skips for 5 rounds with breaks between. It wasn't as tough as I thought it would be.

Day 22 (5/05/2020): I woke up with pain in my left foot (I had an accident before and that foot was stitched so it started swelling) my sister suggested it was the jump rope but 1100 was a go. I felt nauseous afterwards and couldn't eat my indomie noodles (so sad)

Day 23 (6/05/2020): finally listened to my sister and didn't do 1150 today (felt a little guilty though).

Day24 (7/05/2020): I officially gave up after considering my leg. My sister said I may have passed my limit and should give my foot some time to recover


I didn't see as much results as I thought I would and I felt really bad at first, but then I realized that they're other ways to track your progress than physical looks and that was by measuring things like strength and endurance and both I can say I have achieved. I have more stamina when jumping rope, other leg exercises aren't so difficult anymore and I don't feel like gravity is against me when climbing the stairs.

I also lost an inch off my waist (which is a lot smaller than I thought I would lose) but it's alright plus my diet wasn't so clean and you need to do ab exercises to really burn off as much fat as you want in that area which I didn't so I shouldn't really be complaining.

Here is a before and after picture. It took me a lot of guts to put it here but I figured out if I wanted to be honest, then I needed to be real. 

My legs didn't change much, they are starting to feel like they're decreasing but I know that's just my imagination because the number on the measuring tape hasn't changed much either

My arms are the only things I know have gotten more toned and I think it's because they did the most work by swinging the rope. I lost 2 whole inches off my arm and I know I'll lose more once I start exercising again.

My glutes also look more toned and feel stronger but I owe that to the Pinterest booty workouts I did on some of the days and the random squats and lunges I did when I remember to.


So here are some of my tips if you consider taking this challenge.

1. Do your workouts in the morning (preferably on an empty stomach for better results):

I usually did my workouts in the evening and I feel like it affected my results. I'm not saying it's not good to do your workouts in the evening because everyone is different(some people burn more calories in the morning and some at evening) but try to do it in the morning. That way you won't have to worry about doing it for the rest of the day and also skipping on an empty stomach is a good form of fasted cardio and will help touch maximum calories

2. Do warmups

They really help and also doing stretches after working out helps to reduce soreness and improve results too. Maybe the reason my injured foot sprang up is because I wasn't doing warmups or after-stretches

3. Never drink too much water before exercising

You'll end up regretting it, trust me. Instead, drink lots of water AFTER the workout.

4. Do other exercises for targeted areas

I did other workout exercises some days (you can tell if you read the experience section) but I never really stuck to them, I just did it because I fell into the mood of exercising after doing the jump ropes (one of the advantages of doing this challenge). If you have specific areas you want to lose fat in (abs, thighs, arms, butt), then you'll have to incorporate other workouts.

5. Do not eat immediately after working out

My noodle experience on day 22 should really teach you something important.

6. Rest

Follow the calendar strictly and observe rest days when specified. Don't think that by working out on a rest day, you're somehow going to increase your results. Allow your body to heal.

In summary:

Was the challenge a success? I would say yes because I know I would have completed it if my injured foot didn't interrupt

Were they results? Not much but yes.

What did I like most about this challenge? It was beginner-friendly, had sufficient rest days and it always put me in workout mode and motivated me to try other workouts.

Do I recommend it? For beginners definitely! For intermediates, not really, its too easy at the beginning and for advanced people? No not a chance!

Finally, I'm definitely going to take up another challenge (one that involves abs this time) and I challenge you to do the same. Leave a comment if you will.

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