Manifesting: a Useful Strategy, Or a TikTok Trend That Has Gone Too Far?
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Manifesting: a Useful Strategy, Or a TikTok Trend That Has Gone Too Far?


August 29, 2023

Manifesting has become a global phenomenon across social media, particularly TikTok. It can be considered as the act of speaking things into existence. Thus, those who believe in manifesting, believe in positive thinking. But, is there truth in the power of manifesting or is it simply a trend at the risk of dying out?

Manifesting methods

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Across the TikTok platform, there are a range of methods people use to teach others about manifesting. For example, the 'I am sure method' uses visualisation and the words 'I am sure' about something a person may want, to bring it into existence. They may recite 'I am sure I will get the job I just had an interview for'.

Another method is called the 'pillow method'. This method involves writing what you want on a piece of paper, reciting it 3-6 times and sleeping with the paper under your pillow. The range of methods accessible to young adults via TikTok shows a strong sense of belief and community around the power of manifesting.

Does manifesting work?

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As manifesting is a personal matter, and people may use manifesting in all areas of their lives including their relationships, careers or confidence, it is difficult to quantify whether or not and how often it may work for people. However, according to HR news, "nearly one in five (19%) Brits said that they have been practicing manifestation to achieve their personal goals". Thus, this statistic shows, that in Britain, manifesting is highly used.

Yet, it is also important to consider that just because something may be trending on social media, that does not mean it is effective or actually used by people. It may be a result of clickbait. According to The Standard, it was found "the average person's attention span was eight seconds". As people on social media may have a short attention span, these short catchy videos may grab their attention only for about eight seconds.

What attracts people to manifesting and why is it largely female based?

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A lot of videos about manifesting on TikTok are made by females and catered towards a female audience. For example, people may wish to manifest to step into their divine feminine energy, which is a similar TikTok trend. These communities are built on the fact that women may wish to become more direct with their life choices and steer away from the emotional aspects involved with being a woman psychologically. There is strength in the female community and friendship and it is great to see the positive effects that manifesting can have on women in helping them increase their confidence.

Is manifesting dangerous?

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There has to be something said about the fact that some videos on TikTok may be viewed as a little extreme. For example, manifesting someone to like you may be harmless, but with the risk of a very young audience on TikTok, it is important for young adults to be aware they cannot physically control anyone or manipulate any situation in the way they want. Other people are autonomous, may have different views and may make choices as opposed to what we desire and that is okay. It is important to remember you are the main character of your own life and that is what you have control over.

In conclusion, there are benefits to manifesting, such as making daily affirmations to help increase your confidence and positive thinking. However, as with anything you see on social media, take it with a pinch of salt and choose your own beliefs. Manifesting may be trending, but that does not make it the right or only way to live. If it helps you and it is harmless, there are many people who believe in its power and effects.

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