Joshua Jolly on Being A Tik-Tok Star and His Future Goals


If you use Tik-Tok, you may have come across a guy posting cute videos with his adorable dogs. The Jamestown high school senior, Joshua Jolly, has been on social media for over 8 years. After his parents split up, he has found social media as a place where he could getaway. He has over 35k followers on Instagram, where he used to share his scooter-riding content. However, Josh has currently become a TikTok star with over 2 million followers. Tiktok has become a platform that encourages creativity by sharing real, fun, and interesting videos. His first video, which was randomly thought of, blew up getting up to 30k views. He makes content with the help of his adorable dogs Puddin and Dozer. A few days back, The Teen Magazine interviewed the Tik-Tok sensation and got to know about his life, inspirations, and future goals.


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Josh says he hears his schoolmates talking about him all the time, which is pretty crazy. His family and friends think it's pretty cool. He considers this as one of his biggest achievements in life as he has always dreamed of becoming famous. As an influencer, he enjoys making people smile and giving them joy on the bad days.

He talked passionately about what he wants to be in the future. "I want to hit 3 million on Tiktok and get verified! Also I'm getting close to hitting 100k on YouTube! That's a dream of mine! In the future I want to be an actor and also be on the Ellen show!" The sweet messages and fan mail he receives is what inspires and motivates him to keep on sharing content. That being said, with great success comes hate. There are always haters trying to get you down. Fortunately, over time, Josh had learned how to not let the hate get to him.


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"How do you deal with the hate," I had asked him. "The more successful you are the more hate you get because people get jealous and they want to ruin stuff for you! Honestly don’t read comments don’t fight back and don’t let it get to you! I used to let it get to me a lot when I first started but then I got used to it! Just keep on smiling and show them that you’ll keep going no matter what! Prove them wrong! " He is extremely passionate about what he does and in becoming a future actor.

When asked about what young bloggers and content creators,  that are wishing to become successful on social media, can do to gain more fame, he advised: "To become a creator and to start taking off you need to be patient, creative, confident, and keep your head up never give up keep pushing no matter what!"


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Josh spends an average of 4 to 5 hours a day watching and making Tik Toks. He says that he enjoys watching David Dobrik, who is his favorite Tik-Tok user. Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, he finds plenty of time to brainstorm ideas and write them down on his whiteboard. It is helping him with video making and growing his thrilling audience. However, he finds this terrifying as it is causing a full shut down resulting in boredom. Either way, Josh has the devotedness to keep going. If he was allowed to go on TV and say something to the world, it would be "follow your dreams to the max and don’t listen to the people that try to put you down!"



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Later, we talked about random things and Josh's responses were entertaining:

1. What is your biggest fear? 

- Spiders 

2. What is something you always wanted to do but never got the chance?

- Stay in a luxury Pent House!

3. Do you have any hidden talents? 

- I've been riding scooters for 5 years!

4. If you could be one person in the world, who would you be? 

- David Dobrik

5. What’s a song that best describes your life?

- "Purpose by Justin Bieber" describes to my fans that they give me purpose!

6. What is your favorite movie?

- All the Toy Story movies! 

7. What do you hate the most?

- The Coronavirus.

and tbh, same.




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Finally, Josh was more than glad to answer some fan questions. 

1. What was the weirdest dm message you have gotten from fans? (By Malak El Rayes)

- Probably like “I'm at your house” haha

2. Are there any cons to being TikTok famous? (By Malak El Rayes)

- Honestly being famous makes its nerve raking to go outside haha!

3. Does Puddin do any tricks? (By Prerana Gupta)

- Not really haha

4. How did you learn scooter riding?

- I started by riding Bikes at the skatepark! Then I got on a scooter and started progressing really fast so I keep going then a few years of riding I got very good and even got sponsors! I got Costume stickers from them! Their name is Splatter Goat Griptape!



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If you don't already, head over to his Instagram accounts, @jollyjosh22 and @puddinjolly, and give him a follow. To watch more of his cute videos, go to his Tik-Tok account: @1jolly1

Buy his merch now at

Joshua Jolly will be taking over The Teen Magazine Instagram account this Friday, 23rd April, 2020. Stay tuned for updates!

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