Influencer Jordan Beckham on Internet Fame, Creating Content, and Chasing Dreams


You've probably come across the viral lipsyncing and dancing videos posted on TikTok featuring snippets of Jordan's effortlessly cool moves and style. Such hits with thousands of likes have made the 17-year-old a well-known social media personality.

The numbers say it all: with over 3 million followers on TikTok, 569K on Instagram, and 130k subscribers on YouTube, it's no surprise that Jordan has decided to pursue social media as a career and make a mark on the internet.

The Teen Magazine had a chance to chat with Jordan about internet fame, future hopes and aspirations, and the ever-popular 10 Quick Q round for you to better get to know her.

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"When I started posting and interacting with people, I started to see people reach out for help, advice, and tell me how I am a ‘light’ in their life. I didn’t know that I could make a 15-second video and make people happy, or have an escape from their personal lives," says Jordan while sharing the defining moment that has driven her to pursue social media as a career.

Jordan believes that her life has completely changed ever since she started TikTok. It had given her insane opportunities, in which she was capable of helping people out of really dark places. In addition, she's really happy about all the relationships that she has made during the past 5 years.


12 year old me 😋

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Luckily, Jordan's parents have been really supportive and encouraging during her journey of fame.

"My family was so unbelievably supportive. I used to make YouTube videos when I was 9 and no one would watch them- they would sit downstairs and pray “someone watch her pleaseee”.

I turned 12- and everything changed. I was gaining 1-3k followers a day and they were blown away and so happy for me. They are always down to help me, plan with me, make things possible for me.

My friends were very happy and some were jealous. Some people stay and some go. We always figure out who the real ones are in times like this. I’m so thankful for the couple of friends I do have. I love them to death."

As you can already tell, Jordan has a very strong and close relationship with her parents. So it definitely doesn't surprise us that she considers her mom to be her biggest role model. I'm sure that her mom's encouragement and kind heart have helped them develop an amazing mother-daughter relationship.

When Jordan is not creating content, you'll most probably find her by the pool or with her family. She's from Florida- and as Jordan shares with us, beach trips with her family have always been a priority.

When it comes to values, Jordan believes that faith, family, and total abstinence keep her most grounded.

"I grew up in church all my life. Now, my family- we have an unbreakable bond- we always have. No matter what comes our way- we all handle it and talk about it amongst the four of us. Very lucky for that.

Total abstinence… I choose not to use drugs, alcohol, or nicotine of any kind to stay healthy in my body and in my mind."

Like any other influencer, Jordan, unfortunately, gets a lot of hate and criticism. However, with her strong personality, she never lets the bad comments get to her. She also makes sure that she always has a very strong support system around her at all times.

When asked about what message she would like to convey to her followers, Jordan replied with:

"I want everyone to know it’s okay to be yourself and to not follow the crowd with every move. It’s okay not to do what others are doing.

You don’t have to follow the crowd for people to like you. Acceptance is a huge thing in today’s world- especially in this industry. I do not take action in a lot of things other creators do. It might make me the odd one out in those situations.

You are enough. You do not need acceptance. Please know you’re more than enough."

Jordan's future aspirations include: seeing herself as a model in 5 years, continuing to grow her supporter base on Youtube, and traveling with her fiancé making travel videos.

Last but not least, The Teen Magazine proceeded by asking Jordan a few quick questions to get to know her a bit more!

10 Quick Q's With Jordan

1. Besides your own, which TikTok account would you recommend people to check out?

I would probably say my brother-he’s just starting TikTok and becoming active! His videos are really good and I’m super proud of him.

2. What's your favorite comfort TV?

I would have to say Family Feud. I love that show so much. I watch it with my family every single night when I’m home. It just makes us laugh and we all play along, so it’s always pretty fun.

3. What food can you not live without?

I literally can not live without chicken fingers & fries. I eat them every single day. I can/ WILL never get tired of them.

4. What song are you listening to on repeat right now?

Language by Paperboy Faye and Brent Faiyiaz

5. What is the best advice you’ve ever given?

Dreams remain dreams until you take action. I wouldn’t be doing my dream job if it wasn’t for the 12-year-old me- doing a musically in my room. Now I'm so blessed to be where I am right now.

6. Which country would you like to visit?

Definitely Greece. I want to go to Santorini sooo badly!! It’s so beautiful there.

7. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the am?

I definitely 100% text my boyfriend and say good morning and I love him.. hehe

8. What would your friends say is your worst habit?

I think they would say that I order a lot of food- and I never eat it. EVER. It’s true though. I waste a lot of food.

9. What's your favorite subject in school?

I think it’s probably math- I’m not very good at it. But it’s so fun when you understand what’s going on… which is usually never- BUT sometimes.

10. What is your signature fashion item?

This is really hard, but I think a big hoodie. I LIVE in big hoodies. I’m so obsessed. They are so perfect.


ignore how i look

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Keep Up With Jordan

Thanks, Jordan, for the interview! Make sure to check out her TikTok , Instagram , and YouTube accounts, and don't forget to give her a quick follow!

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