How to Study for Exams and Prepare Better

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Let's face it, we've all been in a situation where we procrastinated for too long and had to study for a huge test. These are some quick tips to help you study and make the most of your time

Know What to Study

I know this step seems kind of dumb, but it's probably the most important. For example, if you have a chapter test, know which sections it is on and make those sections a priority. I was once in this situation where I outlined the entire chapter and didn't do well on the test, because I did not focus on the important parts.

Find A Good Place to Study

To optimize your learning experience, it is best to choose a place that is most suitable for YOU. Some people prefer loud places while others prefer quiet ones. To find out which one is suitable for you, experiment with different areas to determine which place you can absorb the most information DO NOT study on your bed! This will mess up your sleep schedule. This is because you are supposed to feel tired once you lay in bed so you sleep easier. If you spend most of your day on your bed, you will lose that feeling.

Write Down Facts and Notes!

This may seem very tiring but it is one of the best ways to memorize things. To not waste time, try writing down only the things you have trouble memorizing (it would be meaningless to write things you already know). This technique will help you become more familiar with everything you're trying to memorize.

Stay Organized

If you have a lot to memorize, break everything down into sections and try to memorize each one. With your notes, feel free to use different colors, graphic organizers, and drawings to help keep everything together

Teach it to Someone

I use this trick all the time and it helps me realized what I know and don't know. You can do it to anyone, a friend, sibling, parent, etc. and just tell them everything you just studied. If you forget about something write it down, and when your done, study the things you forgot about.

Use different memory techniques

When you have to memorize something like a list, use techniques such as acronyms or memory palaces. If you do not know what these are, feel free to search them up. Also, if you have trouble thinking of one, try searching it up! To memorize it, try using the tips above.

Listen to Music

Just make sure it doesn't have words in it (classical music). There are many other pieces on youtube to help boost focus, concentration, and memorization skills.

Take Breaks!

This is a very important tip to not overwhelm yourself with your studies. A popular strategy used to study is to turn off all distractions and be productive for 25 minutes. After those are over take a break for 5 minutes. Continue this for about 3 times and take a larger break of 15 minutes. This method will ensure that you do your work, but without being too overwhelmed.


This is an extremely important step and even though it may not seem like it, can impact your grade. Make sure to set a time for you to put everything away and sleep (preferably 10 to midnight). This is also good because it gives you a "deadline" which will help you get more work done. Although, studying before bed is scientifically proven to memorize quicker and retain higher concentration. Don't overdo it though and make sure to get some rest. If you did not finish, study in the morning if you have time since you will probably not remember anything if you study late. And lastly, don't be so nervous. Begin the test with confidence and maintain that attitude throughout your exam. You can do it!

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