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How Dessy Hairis Built a Global Multi-Million Dollar Bikini Brand & All About Bydee’s Latest Copacabana Collection

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Mon, April 15

If you’re anywhere on social media, you’ve seen the bikini. Lined with the most whimsical vintage-inspired prints, this sleek and flattering swimwear has taken social media by storm– no exaggeration.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

It’s really no surprise why Bydee’s swimwear designs have gone so viral, however. Each look is so meticulously designed that it’s truly unique, and the swimwear gives you a boost of confidence like no other.

From the iconic charm attached to its triangle bikini tops to the sequin-gem-lined, hand-beaded pieces, you know it’s a Bydee piece when you see one. Plus, its eco-friendly fabrics and ethos all wrap up the brand with a nice bow on top.

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image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

Based in Australia, Bydee has risen to become a global bikini empire and is on track to have sold one million bikinis by the end of 2024. However, the multi-million dollar brand started just as a passion project for its founder, Dessy Hairis.

The Teen Magazine had the chance to speak with Dessy about how she built the brand, what’s next in line for Bydee, and all the bits of wisdom she had to share with teenage entrepreneurs.

image credit: Bydee

Bydee started as just a passion project, and it's now at a viral status as a well-recognized swimwear brand with millions of likes and celebrity fans. What were the biggest challenges and life lessons learned when building your brand?

“Oh so many! I’m forever learning!,” replies Dessy. “I’d say the main challenges I’ve found building Bydee have been doing it as a sole female founder and finding the right people to surround myself with who align with our values & goals. We have an amazing team at Bydee which I’m so beyond grateful for now, but in the early days, it was definitely lonely! But I learned so much about myself.”

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

Dessy also reflected on finding balance in the highs and lows of personal satisfaction when it comes to work– something amplified when creating collections for a giant brand on an ever-rising momentum.

“I think another challenge I find is the struggle of never being satisfied which is a double-edged sword as it is fantastic and allows us to keep pushing but at the same time, it means I never really find peace to sit back and ‘celebrate the wins’ but I’m working on it!”

What inspires you most when creating new collections for Bydee?

“Most of my inspiration is found in my travels,” says Dessy, “When travelling, I’m so much more present.”

“When you’re in a new place, you look at the flowers blossoming on the trees, the hues of the sky, the street art, or local vintage markets. When I am in Sydney, I am often in hustle mode and don’t really stop to smell the flowers. So travel is my main source of inspiration!”

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

When I think of Bydee, I care deeply about the whole process… from the mood boards to first sketches through to our customers unpacking their orders and Bydee becoming a part of their world. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to be your own work of art."

-Dessy Hairis

Bydee is beloved for its iconic charm-attached, vintage-inspired, luxurious swimwear- but the cherry on top might be that it's eco-conscious. How has that influenced its creations? Tell us more about Bydee's commitment to sustainability!

“When I started Bydee, I wanted to create a brand that not only made women feel amazing but I wanted to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum, when I found out about the fabric that was made from post-consumer material; there was just no question,” Dessy shares. “We work with Repreve yarn and have since we started, which is made from post-consumer materials. As a sustainability-focused business, we also ensure careful purchase plans to avoid overstock and remain plastic-free within our imports and exports by using corn starch & compostable packaging.”

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

What's next for Bydee? Where do you hope to see the brand in 5 years? In 10 years?

“10 years feels like a long time!” Dessy gushes. “But 10 years ago, I made my first ever bikini, and that feels just like yesterday. Over the next 5-10 years, I really hope to continue to reach more Bydee Babes around the world and to make them feel amazing! Inspiring them to book that next girl's trip or enjoy a beach day with their loved ones! I want to be the bikini brand that our babes think of the minute they book their next vacation and I want to be the brand that our babes make memories in!”

“I love Bydee so much, it really is my baby and I hope to continue to grow it globally! I still pinch myself that my little market stall is now internationally recognised and we have over 350,000 followers on Instagram. We also have an exciting new product category coming soon to Bydee which I feel so passionate about and can’t wait to bring it to our Bydee babes!

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

As a businesswoman and entrepreneur who's built an empire of empowering women all around the world, what is your biggest advice(s) for teenagers who also wish to start their own brand?

“My biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to start a brand or business is to create something you feel genuinely passionate about. Something you’re willing to pour your heart and energy into even if you don’t instantly see any rewards,” says Dessy.

“Another piece of advice would be to trust your gut and network with others in a similar vertical and learn from them.”

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

The Copacabana Collection

As Dessy shared, much of her designs are heavily influenced by the sense of place– from everything related to texture, culture, and sight, Bydee’s prints have a sense of nostalgia infused with the wide-eyed wonder that comes with exploring somewhere new.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

The latest collection for the brand is no different. The Copacabana Collection, inspired by the liveliness of Brazil, directly translates the fiery lights and rolling surfer waves of the Brazilian coast into its newest designs.

Shop the Copacabana Collection here.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

The collection comes in 3 distinct prints, each with a personality of its own that showcases all the different sides of Brazil. With unforgettable clashes of brilliant red and an exotic medley of forest flowers, Copacabana takes us somewhere deep into a magical night in Rio.

Without further ado, below are our absolute favorite pieces from Copacabana that just cannot be missed:

The Tropicália Bikini Set

If you’re on a beach vacation right by the lush rainforests and lively jungles, the Tropicália print is exactly what you’re looking for.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

The Tropicália print features vibrant floral prints straight from the color palette of the iconic festivals of Rio de Janeiro. It has a deep green base, but the pops of saturated yellows, reds, and more give it an exciting edge.

The Copacabana collection features many distinct bikini cuts, but the below is our favorite for a look that offers a bit more coverage, but still maintains a playful look:

Shop the Barcelona Top in Tropicália here.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

There is nothing more classic than a triangle bikini top, and the Barcelona top proves it.

Featuring beaded contrast binding throughout with pops of blue and amber beads, this top is as fun as can be. The top has the iconic Bydee charm right in the middle, with a beautiful golden sun design.

Shop the Panama Bottom in Tropicália here.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

If you want to wear bikini bottoms to show off your curves but not feel too exposed, the Panama Bottom is the perfect fit. The moderate coverage can be worn either hipster or high on the hip, giving you flexibility in how you style your look. Plus, the dipped V front and back design elongates the legs.

The bikini bottom features contrast binding in colors that feel like a medley of the Brazilian flag and give a border to the detail-filled print.

Of course, following Bydee’s eco-friendly mission, the bikini is made with Repreve, a “100% regenerated nylon constructed from post-consumer materials.”

The Floresta Bikini Set

Crimson red can be moody and dreamy, and the Floresta bikini set offers that and so much more with its array of gorgeous red hues.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

The Floresta is a rich berry shade with hints of mustard and plum, and embodies the deep vibrancy of Brazil’s coastline. Although Bydee offers a varied line of styles for this print, our personal favorite was something a little more cutting-edge and youthful.

Shop the Prague Top in Floresta here.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

This strappy bikini top is oh-so-fun and is all about the details. The Prague Top features double strap side details and is more on the lower coverage side.

I just adore how it comes with the iconic sun charm and has that look of everything being double. Plus, as strappy as it is, it is so comfortable and form-fitting, making it a total beach day essential.

Shop the Prague Bottom in Floresta here.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

These strappy bikini bottoms are the perfect pair to match with the Prague Top. Featuring a cheeky coverage that’s not too small nor too big, this is the perfect thing to wear for a nice tan.

I just love how flattering these pair of bottoms are; it hits right at the baseline and really shapes up your silhouette to enhance your natural look.

An Unforgettable Beachside Dress

This sensual red dress is the kind of look that looks like it’s straight out of an iconic vintage film.

Shop the Andressa Maxi Dress in Floresta here.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

This stunning full-length dress is all about emphasizing the curves with flowy texture.

Immediately capturing out attention is the giant cowl neck design; the ruffles of luxe premium viscose georgette fabric make this lightweight look feel free-flowing and create a level of depth and dimension like nothing else. The dress then extends into a scooped low back, giving you a chance to show off your exposed back.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

Something about this dress feels so daring and feminine at the same time, and the Andress Maxi Dress is a beautiful reminder to step into our boldest form and look good while doing so.

Sporty Chic is So In

If you’ve seen those vintage Brazil postcards, you know they love their sporty chic vibes- and that translates over to the beach, too.

Shop the Isabel Baby Tee in White here.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

There’s absolutely nothing more adorable than a classic baby tee, but Bydee has truly mastered that sense of effortlessly cool, minimalist, yet interesting graphic design.

With ‘Bydee Clube De Praia’ printed on the front to pay homage to a beach club vibe and a soft buttery cotton blend, the graphic baby tee doesn’t get better than this.

image credit: Carlene Raschke for Bydee

What has me completely obsessed with this top is the fit. Somehow, it fits my frame in the most perfect way possible- no exaggeration. No other baby tee compares; this just looks absolutely flattering. If Bydee made more designs in the Isabel Baby Tee, you can bet I would collect them all!

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