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Here's What Doja Cat is Really Trying to Say


October 13, 2023

"I'd rather be famous instead."

It's safe to say that "Paint the Town Red" is one of the best songs released by Doja Cat. It broke multiple records within a week of it being released. "Paint the Town Red" reached number 1 on the Hot 100 in its fifth week, and became the first song to top both Billboard's Hot Rap Songs and Hot 100 charts. The main message behind the song is to explain how Doja Cat doesn't care about what people think of her.

The somewhat "controversial" music video is simply a way to channel her frustration out, and emphasize the fact that she simply doesn't care what people think of her. Doja Cat is the epitome of individuality, and fans can't seem to realize that. Let's paint out what the lyrics are trying to say.

"Yeah, (censored) I said what I said. I'd rather be famous instead. I let all that get to my head. I don't care, I paint the town red."

Doja Cat says it as it is from the first lines. She simply doesn't care, and she'd "rather be famous instead." She puts her foot down, and says that she's done letting all the hate get to her head, especially after half a million Instagram followers unfollowed her. When Doja Cat decided to go bald, fans were enraged! This is Doja's response to the hate and rage from her "fans." She won't let it go to her head, and she's going to paint the town red, regardless of what people think of her.

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"She a devil. She a bad little (censored). She a rebel.

She put her foot to the pedal. It'll take a whole lot for me to settle.

She literally puts her foot on the music industry's pedal. Doja Cat has redefined individuality with this music video and she's making sure the fans know that. She also wants to let people know that she's not going to back down. It's going to take a lot more than some hate comments.

"My happiness is all of your misery." (censored) This margiel' don't come with no jealousy. My illness don't come with no remedy. I am so much fun without Hennessy. They just want my love and my energy."

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Recently, Doja Cat has been receiving tons of backlash for simply being herself, which explains the verse: "My happiness is all of your misery." She also wants listeners to know she isn't mentally ill, and even if she is, it doesn't come with "no remedy." In this verse, she also claims that "fans" just want her love and energy. This can be connected to the previous verse when she says "it'll take a whole lot for me to settle." It doesn't matter how much hate she receives! She's going to keep being herself and no one can stop her.

"'Pop make money, now you try (censored). You could use a revamp with a new vibe, sis. I don't need a big feature or a new sidekick.

I don't need a new fan 'cause my boo like it. I don't need to wear a wig to make you like it.

This verse is special. Doja Cat responds to the hate in this verse with "I don't need to wear a wig to make you like it." Especially after "Attention," Doja Cat has been receiving unnecessary hate for shaving her hair off. My personal take on her going bald is that it's her personal business. As fans, we should only care about the music, not about her personal choices. In an Instagram Live, Doja Cat mentions that "I'm not doing it so that you like me, I'm doing it because it's fun."

Said I got drive, I don't need a car. Money really all that we fiendin' for.

I'm doin' things they ain't seen before. Fans ain't dumb, but extremists are

I'm a demon lord. Fall off what? I ain't seen the horse

Called your bluff, better cite the source

Fans have been flaming Doja Cat for allegedly "falling off." She addresses by asking her haters to point out which horse she fell off of. She's calling these haters as extremists, and fake fans in disguise. Her main point is, she's not just doing it for the money or fame, she's doing it to be herself! Instead of assuming that she's fallen off for being herself, she urges the haters to "cite their sources" first.

VMA Performance

Remember Doja Cat's performance at the VMA's? She was dressed "normally" while she was surrounded by "demons." I don't think this is a coincidence. She coordinated her performance to indirectly respond to haters.

The backup dancers that were dressed up as demons are what haters paint her as. However, Doja Cat is trying to say that I'm still Amala at heart, but I'm just different.

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The problem with Idolizing Celebrities

We live in an era infested with social media and celebrity idols. Which is why there's a reason why "you should never meet your heroes." Celebrities are people and make mistakes, just like everyone else. Models, athletes, and other artists post images of themselves and their extravagant lifestyles.

Unfortunately, that lifestyle is unattainable for most of the general population, and this leads to unrealistic expectations. The person you see on social media isn't the real person that they are in real life! This applies to everyone, not just celebrities. Most models starve themselves, most actors grow depressed because of the constant paparazzi, and most child prodigies that you encounter are usually under extreme pressure. Doja Cat's been explaining this through her recent songs.

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"People can smell when things aren't genuine." - Doja Cat

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