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Has Artificial Intelligence Made Jobs of Programmers and Developers Redundant?

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Sat, March 30

The CEO of NVIDIA, one of the biggest tech giants, recently said, "No one should have to learn to code," it cannot be denied that the paradigm has changed. As a computer programmer, you aren't expected just to code anymore; you are expected to integrate artificial intelligence applications to make the process faster and simpler. Many teens are looking to become programmers and developers in the future. This article delves into the impacts Artificial Intelligence will have on the jobs of programmers and developers.

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The impact of Artificial intelligence on the application development process is undeniable. Applications like OpenAI Codex and Vertex AI even allow programmers to generate code, which makes learning basic algorithms like binary search and bubble sort redundant. However, the question remains: What does development in natural language processing platforms and artificial intelligence entail for future programmers?

Has Artificial Intelligence Made Jobs of Programmers and Developers Redundant?

If you've been on social media, you would have come across an influencer saying that programmers will soon lose their jobs, and at surface level, it might seem so, but when we take the bigger picture into account, we realize that it is not so simple. Artificial intelligence should not be looked upon as a threat to future programming jobs but as a tool.

The current situation is similar to the situation during the increasing popularity of the calculator, where the masses expected it to replace mathematicians. Still, it became a tool to further their understanding of mathematics and accelerate the process of performing strenuous calculations.

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As teenagers looking to further our skills, we shouldn't fear artificial intelligence but embrace it. It's not like it will not impact the hiring process and the job of programmers.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the hiring process

The introduction of artificial intelligence-enabled software will decrease the company's costs and reduce the workload of existing workers. This means that companies will not just look for your qualifications and prowess in programming languages but also your ability to use Artificial Intelligence in the company's interest to deliver lighter and more efficient code in a shorter period. Since companies can rely on Artificial Intelligence to implement common and some advanced programming algorithms, companies will start to focus on hiring creative programmers who are better at problem-solving than programmers who aren't.

One problem with artificial intelligence is that it relies on existing data, which allows creative programmers to shine through. The communication skills of a programmer will also play an essential role as companies will want to hire programmers who can talk to clients and better understand their needs. Exhibiting innovation, creativity, and understanding of Artificial Intelligence on your resume might help you get hired easily.

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How can Artificial Intelligence benefit companies?

Companies depend on their profit margins for their survival and growth; as a software company, a major expense is the workforce. Artificial Intelligence allows them to complete tasks like QA testing within hours, if not minutes, which would take a human programmer multiple days to complete. Inefficiencies like this can be removed from the application development process if companies switch to using Artificial Intelligence, increasing their profit margins.

As a company, it makes more sense to replace people in charge of doing repetitive tasks with Artificial Intelligence applications to increase profits. Using Artificial Intelligence also removes the potential for human error, which is quite prevalent and a reason consumers have bugs and glitches while using a product. New code-generating AI bots are advanced enough to predict code after inputting the desired output, potentially increasing a company's productivity.

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Types of programming jobs that will become redundant

According to Upwork, many creative endeavors involve crafting something with one's hands, and those imaginative and inventive undertakings will be hard to replace with any form of AI. Still, it is not like Artificial Intelligence will not make any programming job redundant. There are many types of programmers, such as testers, front-end engineers, and back-end engineers, but artificial intelligence poses the biggest threat to QA and beta testers because it enables programmers to test their applications more accurately and quickly.

The demand for front-end web developers has already decreased due to the use of no-code website user-interface generators like Wix. Contrarily, the demand for graphic designers to create new web interfaces has increased. The demand for debuggers is also steadily declining due to more efficient Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Any repetitive programming job that lacks creativity is already being or will be replaced.

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New types of programming jobs which will arise from the implementation of Artificial Intelligence

Creative jobs like graphic designing will become more popular. Data scientists are also increasing in number as they are required to train machine learning and Artificial intelligence algorithms. A job recently created due to the Artificial Intelligence revolution is prompt engineering, where a programmer carefully designs specific prompts to be given as input to natural language processing algorithms to get the desired output.

Computer vision will soon see a major surge in popularity and become mainstream as companies like Apple and Meta continue to innovate in the spaces of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. If you are a programmer who is interested in ethics, becoming an AI ethics consultant might not be too far from your aspirations, where you'll be assisting in policy formation to create guidelines on the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence.

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Lastly, Artificial Intelligence is not a threat but an effective tool that aspiring programmers can leverage to get ahead of the competition and decrease their workload by allowing Artificial Intelligence algorithms to do repetitive tasks. If you want to learn more, you can check out my paper on the Challenges and Opportunities created by Artificial Intelligence in Software development: Click Here.

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