Easy and Quick Hairstyles for Natural and Curly Hair

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While it is true that curly hair is much harder to style than straight hair, having curly hair doesn't mean you have to stick to one hairstyle all the time. Here are some super easy and quick ideas for naturally curly hair to help you embrace your curls!

1. A simple bun!

This hairstyle takes practically very little effort and can be done in different ways. First, gather all your hair and put it at the top of your head. If your hair is thick enough, you can scrunch it up into a ball and tie it. If this doesn't work, roll your hair with your hands into the shape of a donut. If you have any excess parts, you can roll those and tie them around the bun. Finally, add a headband if you feel like the front of your hair is too messy. Feel free to be creative and style it in different ways!

2. Side Dutch Braids

This hairstyle is super easy and useful especially if only one side of your hair looks good. Just part your hair towards one side and on the side with the least hair, divide it into three parts. Then, just Dutch braid those parts. When you're done with the Dutch braid, you can tie it with an elastic, braid it down, or just use a bobby pin.

3. Half Bun

This hairstyle is super quick, just get as much hair as you like from the front and tie it up in a bun. Other ideas: if you have time, you can even french braid the front.

4. Dutch Braids

This hairstyle will look the same with both curly or straight hair and is useful for super bad hair days. Simply just part your hair through the center into two pieces. Dutch braid both sides. For me, this hairstyle was hard to perfect but I made it possible with practice so don't be discouraged at first.

5. Half up Half Down

For this hairstyle, just tie half your hair up and leave the other half down! This hairstyle can be used for formal and informal occasions because of its simplicity. Personalize the look by putting hair up as high or low as you want and maybe adding some braids to make it look nicer. Thanks for reading and I hope you found this article helpful!

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