Do These Extracurriculars During COVID to Succeed in College Admissions

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You can't keep justifying being lazy and not doing anything anymore. Just because you're unable to go to school in-person doesn't mean you can't do any extracurricular activities, such as participate in your favorite clubs, volunteer as a tutor, or take part in the debate team. Nowadays, you can do anything by using technology.

Continue reading to explore a list of online extracurricular activities you can engage in that will benefit your college application during the pandemic:

1. Join or Start an Online Club at Your High School

I'm almost certain that at least a few clubs in your high school are organized online and that you are missing out on joining these clubs.

Go to your school's website, find out which clubs are being organized online, and join the clubs that match your interests. Even if there are no online clubs you are interested in, or there are no clubs online at all, you can still create an online club by yourself.

Creating an online club by yourself will be beneficial for you because it will show your passion and increase your leadership skills, which will look amazing in your college application.

2. Create a Fundraiser to Help a Local Charity in Need

This one is a no-brainer. Hopefully, you understand that there are plenty of ways to raise funds without ever leaving your home. There are websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe. On these websites, you can create your own fundraiser and raise funds for free. It's very convenient to fundraise with these websites - and as an added bonus: their fees are low.

3. Play on an Instrument

You probably learned how to play an instrument at the age of 8. However, you most likely gave up being passionate about it because of school. Well, it's time to go back again. Continue practicing on the instrument you used to play on and try to step up your game. Record songs virtually on your own or play in an online band.

4. Exercise and Try a New Fitness Regimen

Now that you have all this free time in your hands, it's time to stop saying “I can't exercise because I'm too busy.” If laziness makes you unable to exercise in the long-term, you should try an interesting fitness approach like the Insanity exercise program, CrossFit, or yoga.

Exercising will not only get you in shape and make you healthy, but you will be able to write an interesting essay about your success journey in college applications, which will help you greatly in college admissions.

5. Offer Online Tutoring to Children or Your Peers

If you're strong in a specific subject, you have to try this one. Not only will tutoring help you become more patient, flexible, self-disciplined, and communicative, but it will also help you show your passion to college app readers. Nowadays, while children's quality of education has been hurt by the pandemic, tutoring is an even more virtuous act that will benefit your college application further.

6. Take Online Courses to Learn New Skills

Use the internet to find online courses on anything, from computer programming to Photoshop to Japanese history. There are popular platforms that will teach you almost any skill, such as Coursera, EdX, and Skillshare.

7. Enter Online Competitions

Countless competitions are being conducted online on any academic skill. Ask your high school counselor if there are any competitions at your school. If there aren't any competitions at your school, participate in online competitions outside your school — for example, the Caribou Contests or the National Economics Challenge.

8. Start an Online Business

Want to make a website with no programming knowledge? Use websites like Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace. Want to market your products and services? Use social media. If you have the skills required, nothing is stopping you from becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

9. Volunteer Virtually

Volunteering is known to be beneficial to your college applications. Not only that, but volunteering will help you explore different fields and find the ones that give you passion. Even during the pandemic, there are many volunteering opportunities.

10. Conduct Research

You can conduct research without being in a team. If you have a scientific or social question, you can use a scientific method to find the answer. Form a hypothesis, and do an experiment to test your prediction.

11. Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel

People think that starting a blog or making a YouTube channel is a random activity that will never be taken seriously and is just for fun, which is entirely untrue. Blogging improves your writing skills, HTML and CSS knowledge, and SEO and analytics skills.

Running a YouTube channel improves video editing skills, increases digital awareness, and gives a good understanding of the platform. Also, being a successful blogger or YouTuber shows your passion, which will look good on your college application

12. Self-Publish a Book

A while ago, self-publishing a book was a hassle. Nowadays, self-publishing a book is easier than ever. Anyone can self-publish a book online for free.

Hopefully, now you understand why you can't excuse yourself for not working anymore. I hope I included an activity that you would be passionate to work on in this list. Stop procrastinating any further. The earlier you start, the better. It's never too late to start doing the extracurricular activities that give you passion. Good luck with your college applications!

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