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Being Single: the Unspoken Benefits


September 20, 2022

Stereotypically, high school is a time of romance, drama, and academics. Many of your classmates and friends may obsess over their relationships, feeling indifferent to the aspect of being single. It will become tempting to rush into a relationship without proper preparations to fill a “gap” that others remark you are “missing”. Here’s why being single is just as beneficial as having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

#1. Free, Uninterrupted Time for Studying

When you are in a relationship during high school, your partner may begin demanding you to study together or contact you at inconvenient times. Dating partners are pressured to respond to messages and decrease individual productivity to satisfy each other. Eventually, the boyfriend/girlfriend can request you to write down your answers, later justifying this academically dishonest act. He/she/they can begin to use you, forgetting affection over time.

As a single person, these challenges vanish. You have space to work independently and pursue interests/hobbies that a significant other may not approve of. You have the opportunity to be yourself, for yourself.

#2. Your Heart Will Never Be Broken

High schoolers may not commit to their relationships in a loyal, responsible manner. Teenagers, who are not fully mature or developed, can break even the kindest of hearts. Save your affection for the people who have always been alongside you. This way, you will not have anyone to avoid or fear seeing in the school hallways.

Other people, such as close friends or family members, have the potential to crush your heart too. Refraining from dating does not completely guarantee your heart will never be broken. Love is always a risk, so pour your heart into the present moment.

Think hard. Dream on, always.

#3. Miss Out On Tears, Stress, and Drama

Teenagers crave stimulation, excitement, and reassurance. What ties all three together? Drama.

Peers, either jealous or disapproving of your relationship, spread rumors. Boyfriends and girlfriends can distrust and refuse to confide in each other. As a result, teenage relationships often falter and last no longer than a few months/weeks. Prioritize your studies and keep a steady eye on the future.

#4. No Breakups Before College

If you are dating in your senior year, beware. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is not guaranteed to be accepted into the same academic institutions as you. Do not give up your aspirations to maintain a high school relationship that will collapse during your college years. It’s a grave mistake!

Being single removes the stress and heartache attached to the graduation/college application process. It’s for the better.

#5. Nobody to Hate, Countless People to Love

Sadly, breakups can come to a nasty, spiteful end. Since many high school relationships occur between two students attending the same school, you can have a new enemy if you break up. Exes can begin to feel nervous sitting next to each other, anxious walking down the corridors, and angry at night. Single people cross a potential toxic ex off their list.

Fill your days with love for the goals you pursue and the people you befriend. The beauty of love is for everyone, regardless of marital or dating status. Avoid the mistake of dating someone out of attraction rather than affection.

#6. Expressing Interest to All People

If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, talking to others who possess the same gender identity as your partner is “forbidden”. Single students are not restrained by this factor and cannot be tied down by assumptions. They are simply free to enjoy lunch with anyone they befriend while hanging out with whoever they please. This benefit of single life is often overlooked and taken for granted by teenagers until it is too late.

#7. Spotting Flaws and Manipulative Tactics

Don’t let a manipulative person swoon you into dating. Single people have the opportunity to closely observe a person’s behavior and judgements before deciding whether to date him/her/them. For boyfriends and girlfriends, the process of escaping a toxic relationship is very difficult.

Love is blissful, warm, and thoughtful. However, it is fleeting, impulsive, and easily forsaken. Remember, it is acceptable to decline proposals and set clear boundaries.

#8. Single People Aren’t “Lonely”

A common misconception and stereotype of single individuals is the idea of loneliness. Nevertheless, single people are just as capable of loving as engaged couples. The primary difference?

Many who live single lives pour their joy and endearment into the present moment and save their dreams for the everlasting future. This often heightens the chances of adopting a growth mindset and achieving success.

One person does not have to be your world. Your time, future, and legacy belong solely to you.

Romance airs out while it's in the air. Life will bring you your soulmate when the time comes, so do not feel pressured to hastily engage in relationships. As stated by Catherine Pulsifer, “Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.”

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