5 Extracurriculars That You Should Most Definitely Join

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In today's society, it is important that every student has a relevant amount of information to share about their extracurricular experiences from their years of schooling. It is regarded highly for post-secondary school applications and, oftentimes, schools offer a vast number of extracurricular programs that you might just be missing out on. So in this article, we will be going over 5 extracurricular activities you should join that will maximize your time in school, and look great on college/ university applications.

1. Debate Club

Debate club is a new concept and most schools have already started adapting to it. Debate club not only allows you to improve your public speaking skills, articulation and modulation, but it also helps with structured argument building as well as argument analysis. It teaches you ways to defend yourself rationally as well as how to convey intricate ideas in a simple and concise manner.

You should definitely consider being a part of the debate team. It's worth a shot, so give it a try!

2. Chess Club

Joining a chess club (if your school has one) does not necessarily mean competing to win. You could be someone who chooses to play chess for fun! Chess helps you think more critically about the moves you will play and it also involves multi-aspect analysis. You get to view a position from multiple perspectives and decide what you choose to do. It is a game that is purely up to how much brainpower you are willing to use and you can only get better (though that applies to everything you take up!) And if you do end up winning tournaments, it'll look marvellous on that resume!

3. Peer Tutoring/Volunteer Teaching Club

This is a concept that is quite new to schools. However, many schools have already adopted the idea and implemented it. Peer tutoring is tutoring someone in your school (usually regardless of age) if they need help with a particular subject you excel in.

This not only allows you to gain volunteer hours and teaching experience, but you also end up learning more and establishing your base within your core interests. Volunteer tutoring also shows that you are someone who is willing to give up their time to help someone else succeed, and that is definitely a good quality to develop. So try it out and see if you're able to help someone else become better!

4. Improv Club

Improv club sounds like a rare club to find, but it is also a recent extracurricular activity that schools have been inquiring about and finding value in. Improv club stands for improvisation club, and it is all about thinking on the spot. Generally, an improv club consists of games that require you to make something up fast, but at the same time, it has to be logical and fit a story or scenario.

Additionally, you can imagine that this will definitely help with instant decision-making and improvisation for the future, which can help in any unpredictable situation you are presented with. So go ahead and develop a soft skill while having some fun!

5. Any Sports Team/ Club

Finally, it's good to have some sort of sport that you're involved in at school. In reality, people look for a sense of completeness in your application, so it's usually beneficial to talk about a physical activity you enjoy doing as part of an extracurricular activity. Plus, actively participating in a sport at your school allows you to build your teamwork and collaboration skills, as well as become a healthier person. So give it a shot and see how far you can go with your passions!

In conclusion, the extracurriculars you choose to do at school are completely up to you and your own fields of interest. However, do make sure that you select them wisely and with great consideration. I highly recommend trying some of the ones listed above, because it will most definitely benefit you and you might even end up learning a thing or two!

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