5 Benefits of Being Kind in Honor of National Random Acts of Kindness Week


Kindness is a powerful force. It can make a person’s day, It can resolve conflict, and it can inspire others to pass goodness forward.

This week, Feb. 14–20, National Random Acts of Kindness Week started, a time to unleash the power of kindness, by either lending a helping hand, showing appreciation, or just simply smiling.

My faith has played a crucial role in teaching me the power of kindness, as the Holy Quran states, “Whatever good you send ahead on behalf of your souls, you will find it at God far better and generously awarded.” (73:21). In honor of National Random Acts of Kindness Week, here are five benefits of being kind to others.

Being Kind Fosters Close Relationships

You’ve probably heard of the phrase: what goes around comes around. In the same way, kindness always comes back. Kindness comes back in a way that helps you build a tribe of people that all of us need. If you’re lucky to have people to count on, you’re less likely to bear burdens alone.

Fewer Negative Emotions

It’s human nature to feel angry or crabby. At times, we start to feel a loss of control. When we find the resolve to act with kindness, we sometimes gain the control that comes from not letting things rattle us.

We Feel Happier

A study reported on how people felt after performing kind acts every day for seven days. Researchers found that being kind to ourselves, anyone else, or actively observing kindness around us boosted happiness.

Kindness is Contagious.

Being kind motivates others to behave positively and be helpful as well. When you’re being nice to someone, you benefit not just the two of you; you help spread kindness. This way you spread positivity!

Kindness Lasts Forever

One day during middle school, I remember walking down the hallway. I remember a teacher who I didn’t know stopping to say, “I really like your outfit.” Even now, I still remember that unexpected moment of kindness from her and how it made my day.

Final Thoughts

Is being a kind and amazing person everyday easy? No. Some days you’ll forget to bother and on other days, you might be in a bad mood. However, the end goal is not to be perfect, but to at least try. Hopefully this week will help us all learn how to be more kind individuals.

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