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I don't think many people wake up and immediately think, "You know what? I think I want to start bullet journaling." Usually, people ponder what they will eat for breakfast or what they're going to wear. But on one early June morning, the idea of writing and doodling in a bullet journal seemed quite intriguing to me.

After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for a journal, markers, colored pencils, and Washi tape, I got to work and have been creating pages ever since. It's been an escape for me while being stuck indoors thanks to COVID-19, allowing me to channel my time and energy into art rather than staring at TikTok for hours.

A bullet journal's main purpose is to organize your life, hence why many of my pages are filled with hand-drawn, monthly calendars and daily agendas. However, inside are also "collection pages," which is just a term for fun spreads that don't necessarily have to do with planning out your day. Collections make my journal feel much more personal and colorful!

Below I have shared my favorite collection pages, some of which I took inspiration from Pinterest (referenced to the right of my own photos) and some of which I thought of myself. Hopefully these ideas can assist my fellow bullet journalists and perhaps even welcome new ones!

1. About me

This is the perfect introduction to your journal. Plus, think about how neat it would be to return to this page a few years from now and see how much (or how little) your personality has changed.

2. Self care ideas

I find this spread to be super beneficial. Rather than reach for my phone when bored, I'll flip to this page in my journal and choose an activity that will improve my mood and keep my brain stimulated.

3. Bucket lists

What I love about bucket lists is how versatile they are. You can make them for seasons, holidays, vacations, school, etc!

4. TV shows to watch

The TV series I have planned to watch can overwhelm me, and various times, I end up forgetting which ones I had in mind to start, so I decided to keep track of them in my bullet journal. Once I'm done with a show, I'll rate it one of out five stars... or circles.

5. Books to read

Like TV programs, I have multiple books I want to read that my busy brain can't always remember the names of, but thankfully my mini book shelf houses those novels for me. When I finish a book, I color its spine. Similar to the TV shows, you could rate your books after finishing as well.

6. Dream log

Because why wouldn't you want to record your odd-ball, bizarre sleep adventures and look back at them later?

7. When you feel stressed/sad

Dealing with frustrating emotions is a struggle for me, so having these reminders of how to handle them in a healthy manner certainly helps.

8. Hogwarts profile

If only this profile was real... sigh.

9. Favorite movies

Drawing movie tickets and writing the film titles on them would make this page more interesting, don't you think?

10. I want to learn to...

I feel much more motivated to accomplish these goals now that I have them written down!

11. Healthy snacks

When it comes to snacking, I'll be the first to admit that I don't always do a good job of eating something sustaining, especially after school. Sometimes I need to be reminded of nutritious alternatives, and this page does just that.

12. Mood tracker

There are tons of different ways you can design your monthly mood tracker. Surf Pinterest for more ideas!

13. Movies to watch

Thanks to self-quarantining, I have made significant progress on this list. In general, though, minus coronavirus, a page like this is great for staying on top of upcoming movies at the theater or older films you haven't seen.

14. Concert log

Patiently waiting for the day when I can add Passion to one of these stars...

15. Cleaning routine

Cleaning is never fun, but I think this cute page makes up for it.

16. Gratitude log

There is good in every day, even in a global pandemic and even if it's just the little things.

17. Wish list

No harm getting ahead of the game for Christmas or your next birthday!

18. Birthday log

Sadly, two pages couldn't suffice for my 38+ cousins. A great way to keep track of everyone you care about's special day.

19. Favorite TV shows

If this layout in particular doesn't interest you, maybe you could draw the shows' titles together to make a collage.

20. What makes me happy

Self-isolation has me pretty gloomy most days, so whenever I'm feeling down, I come to this page in my journal for a little boost of serotonin.

21. Playlist

If you don't want to form a Hamilton playlist (although I suggest you do because the soundtrack is immaculate), you can design a playlist for your favorite songs off another album, of the month/year, or in a specific genre, etc. The options are endless.

And there you have it! Happy journaling!

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Rachel Lichtenwalner

Rachel is a high school student in Atlanta, Georgia and is a member of the school paper. In addition to writing, she enjoys doing calligraphy, playing ukulele, singing, watching The Bachelor, reading Shakespeare plays and the Bible, and learning about astronomy.

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