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14 Hangout Ideas to Do with Your Friends after School


October 07, 2023

After spending a long day in school, it is nice to relax and unwind. Whether you want to spend time having outdoor adventures or you want to enjoy an indoor activity, you can have fun regardless. Here are some fun activities you can all consider.

Trivia Challenge

You can have a battle of knowledge with your friends via a trivia challenge. There are many different categories, such as history, science, music, and astronomy. This can be done in teams or every person for his or herself. You can stay at home to do it or you and your friends can visit a local cafe or restaurant to partake in your trivia night.

Roller/ Ice Skating

Roller or ice skating is an activity that works your entire lower body, improves your flexibility and endurance, and is an activity that can be done both indoors and outdoors. Both of these activities can be done year round and they are both great ideas for a fun night out with your friends.

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Do you have a new recipe you want to try but are worried you will burn up the house? You and your friends can team up to create the perfect meal. Whether it is a delicious cake or a scrumptious Baked Alaska or even just macaroni and cheese, you and your friends can make amazing food together. To make it even better, have a potluck where everyone shares food they made.

Arts and Crafts

Do you have an artistic side? You and your friends can channel your inner artist by doing arts and crafts. Some activities include but are not limited to painting, pottery, and making origami.

You could also get creative and start your own DIY project. You can use household objects or clothes that nobody wears anymore. Get creative!

Movie Marathon

If you don't feel like being up and active, just staying at home with your friends and having a movie marathon is nice too. You can pick a particular theme, binge watch a film series, or just watch random movies as you please. Bring some snacks and some drinks too, because no one wants to watch a movie while parched and famished.

Sports Day

If you and your friends feel up to it, have a sports day. You can play many games which can be affordable, keep you active, and guarantee you and your friends a fun time. From basketball to soccer to volleyball, the possibilities are endless. So just grab some sports equipment and your friends to have a fun sports day.

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Game Night

Instead of playing video games via electronics, try something with more face-to-face interaction. A night of friendly competition with your friends is guaranteed to be a good time. Try and spend a night with your friends playing some board or card games.

Popular games include Monopoly, Scrabble, chess, Uno and checkers. So dust off those board or card games and get together for a fun time.


A popular nighttime activity is star gazing. If you and your friends love astronomy, then this activity is perfect for you all. Just lay blankets on the grass and look up at the stars. You could also visit a planetarium near you, so you can learn about stars from the experts and get a closer look at the stars through their equipment.

Karaoke Night

Do you and your friends want to show off your singing skills? Try and have a karaoke night! You can set up your karaoke machine at home and sing to your hearts desires. Or if you want more people to see your singing skills, then you could go to a karaoke bar to sing in front of others.

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Have a Picnic

You and your friends can head outside and have a picnic. Take a basket, load it with sandwiches, snacks and drinks, and bring a blanket to have your picnic on. Enjoy the fresh air, play some outdoor games such as corn hole and spike ball, and just have a relaxing time.


Skateboarding is viewed as an activity done only by delinquents, but it is actually a fun, enjoyable activity for everyone. It relieves stress, it is affordable, improves your coordination and your pain tolerance and it is something you can do with your friends. While it might seem scary at first, once you get the hang of it, it is tons of fun. So take your friends to a local skate park and you all can enjoy yourselves.

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Beach Day

Do you want to spend time outside one last time before winter hits? Well, try and take a trip to the beach. From building sandcastles to swimming to playing beach volleyball, all of these activities are things that can be done to have a fun time with your friend group. So go quickly before winter hits and you have to wait another year to have a beach day.

Go Karting

If you and your friends are too young to drive, then going go-karting will probably be the closest you guys will get to actually driving. It is still a lot of fun! It boosts your adrenaline, improves your strength, reflexes, and stamina, and it promotes team building with you and your friends. All you need to do is find a racing track near you and you guys can jump right in.


Hiking is a fun outdoor activity. It is free, it reduces your stress levels, helps you with your weight management, improves your mood, connects you with nature and the outdoors, you can do it with friends and it offers many health benefits both physically and mentally. So, if it isn't raining and you and your friends are up for something to be active, then give hiking a try.

Remember that the best hangout activities are the ones that you and your friends enjoy the most. So, try out all these ideas and see the activities you guys like best. Then be prepared to have the time of your lives.

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