10 things to do in Gothenburg, Sweden


I know that nobody can travel right now but it can still be fun to dream about your next trip! Gothenburg is one of the best cities in the world with lots of things to do and is definitely a place that you should add to your bucket list. I have been there three times and every one of them was amazing. These are the top 10 things to do in Gothenburg.

10) Botanical Garden

​​​​​The Botanical garden in Gothenburg has more than 16000 species of plants in different greenhouses and areas like the rock garden and the herb garden. The botanical garden has an impressive collection of plants and flowers and is a great place to visit all year round. The greenhouses have the largest collection of tropical orchids in Sweden, carnivorous plants, and the rare Easter Island tree, which is extinct in its natural environment. The botanical garden has a shop too. There you can find books, gardening accessories and actual seeds and plants to bring back to your own garden. Also, it has an app that you can download for free that can guide you through all the essential parts of the garden. The admission to the botanical garden is free. The admission to the greenhouses is 20 SEK and it's free for under 18.

9) Slottsskogen

Slottsskogen is Gothenburg's main park. Slottsskogen is a place for relaxation, recreation, and outdoor activities. There you can do everything, from running to picnics. Slottsskogen has a park zoo that is open all year. If you visit it in summer, you have to visit the petting zoo and do a pony ride. For young children, the park has 4 playgrounds with lots of things to do. The park also has volleyball courts, miniature golf and outdoor gyms. After a long walk in the park, you should take a small break. Slottsskogen has many cafes. The most popular one is the cafe Azalea. Its menu offers light meals like sandwiches and patisseries. If you want to learn more about space and planets, you should visit Slottsskogsobservatoriet. It's observatory inside the park! Suitable for all ages and fun for teenagers.

8) Feskekorka

Feskerkorka is an indoor fish and shellfish market where you can buy all kinds of seafood caught on the same day. if you don't a kitchen it is okay you can go sightseeing! It is a really beautiful building located in Gothenburg's canal. it was built in 1874 and it was an architectural experiment. The idea of the building was to have a room without pillars.

7)natural history museum

Gothenburg's natural history museum is located in Slottsskogen. It has collections of animals all over the world. There you can see the world's only mounted blue whale that beached in 1865 on Askim Bay near the city of Gothenburg. Also, you can see a huge African elephant, birds, and fish from the entire planet. You can even see presentations of the earth as well as various kinds of environmental issues.

6) Avenyn

Avenyn stretches from the Kungsportsbron bridge by the canal to Gotaplatsen and the Museum of Art, the City Theatre and the Concert Hall. The main boulevard is busy all day until late. Shops, restaurants, and night clubs are lining the street and there are plenty of choices for lunch or dinner on a fine summer's day. The hotels there are great choices if you want to have entertainment, culture, and nightlife nearby, but also Liseberg amusement park or events at Heden, Scadinavium, and the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre.

5) Universeum

Universeum is a science park. Throughout its seven floors, you can see a tropical rainforest, huge aquariums, and real snakes looking at you. Let's start with the rainforest. There you can see monkeys jumping up off your head, you can climb in a treehouse or a bird can be following you. Then the aquarium. There you can find lots of fish that live at the top of the sea or in the bottom and even a shark! Also, there is a machine that makes you feel that you were bitten by a cobra. On the fifth floor, you can find parts of a spaceship. This year, they added an exhibition for dinosaurs. Universeum is a must-see.

4) Museum of Art

Gothenburg's museum of art has art collections from the 15th century up until today. His art collection is one of the finest in Northern Europe. The museum also offers temporary exhibitions, family activities, and guided tours. In 2018 the museum received the award '' museum of the year'' from the Swedish ICOM.

3) Haga

Haga is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Gothenburg. It's the perfect place to drink a cup of coffee or shop around. Haga is near to the city center. Haga is the perfect place to have a Fika. Fika is a coffee break and there isn't a better place than Haga to do it. In Haga, you can find little clothes and shoe shops, candy stores, and cute coffee shops. In cafe Husaren you can find a cinnamon bun as big as a plate.

2) Gothenburg Archipelago

Gothenburg's Archipelago has more than 20 islands. by only taking a boat, you can see rock beaches, traditional houses, and cute coffee shops. You can also rent a car with a caroge and guide yourself through the islands. I personally think that the southern archipelago is prettier than the northern archipelago. These islands are the perfect place for talking Instagram photos even without filters at all!

1) Liseberg

Liseberg is Scandinavia's largest park. There you can find roller coasters and other fun rides. The best ride is Helix. it's a roller coaster that makes you feel like you are in the Upside Down. It goes really fast and takes lots of turns. Another one is Valkyria. This one drops you from 30 meters and then it goes underground. If you visit Liseberg at Halloween you are going to be fascinating that you see. The park turns super spooky and it makes sure that you are going to take a good spook. After the rides, the walking, and all of that stuff you must be hungry! Liseberg has a lot of restaurants even for vegans too. At Liseberg, everyone is going to have fun!

Those were the top 10 things to do in Gothenburg! Have a nice trip!

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