The 10 Best Ways To Style Flannel Shirts


Flannel shirts have to be one of my go-to clothing items; I am always buying new ones in different colours they are so versatile and easy to wear. Here are a few of the best ways to style yours.

Wear Your Flannel Open Wear it open like you would a cardigan for great layering.

With Jeans For an everyday look pair your flannel with jeans for a super casual and comfortable look.

Under a Cosy Sweater Layer your shirt by wearing it under a sweater on a colder day.

Around The Waist Wear your flannel as an accessory rather than an item of clothing and tie it around your waist. This is so easy for on the go and gives off major festival vibes.

With A Skirt Dress up by pairing a skirt with a flannel for a more girly take on the shirt.

With a Crop Top Popping a flannel over a crop top provides an extra layer of warmth while looking effortlessly chic.

With Matching Boots Why not color-coordinate your shoes to your flannel to look organized and put together.

With Stripes Add different patterns to your look with a striped tee under the flannel.

Under A Leather Jacket Wear your flannel under a leather jacket, giving your outfit an indie vibe.

With A Graphic Tee Wear your favourite slogan or band tee underneath your flannel to add some personality and flair to your outfit. What is your favorite way to wear a flannel shirt? Answer in the comments!

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